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100-watt mono amplifier

Amplifier circuit building is always a complicated task when we consider a developer, we need proper attention on PCB designing and making.


In this article, we explain about 100 watt transistor-based amplifier, for this circuit 2sc5200 and 2sa1943 transistors are used for mono amplifier board making, both these transistors are named as a complementary transistor.

100 watts amplifier circuit diagram
100 watts amplifier circuit diagram

circuit explanation


When we consider the amplifier circuit, a combination of two transistors such as 2sc5200 and 2sa1943 and both these complementary transistors are working as the push-pull amplifier circuit.


This amplifier circuit is in two power supply variant, single and dual power supply, and here this amplifier circuit designed to works in dual power supply, at input a capacitor is used to filter dc signal and after that a BC547 transistor is attached for to set a fixed voltage, variation happened at this stage will help to turn on and turn off push-pull transistors.


Such an action of the 2sc5200 and 2sa1943 transistors result in high power delivered at the output.

power supply

We mentioned earlier power supply attached to this circuit is a dual power supply, and the voltage set at the circuit is depended on the power rating of the amplifier, we designed this circuit to deliver 100watt, so 12volt is voltage for the amplifier, +12v, -12v and ground must be the power supply connections.


transistors used


It is a high power delivering transistor and NPN transistor type, this transistor is named as the HIFI audio amplifier component because of the collector-emitter voltage of 230v and having a collector current of about 30amps.


transistor 2sa1943

When we discussed this transistor, it’s a complementary transistor of 2sc5200 at almost every circuit, they are PNP transistor type used medium power amplifier.


power rating

We know this is a high power mono amplifier, it circuit can have the ability to generate 200watt at 4ohm load of impedance.


Mostly transistor-based amplifiers are used at subwoofer amplifiers, and a combination of these transistors having applications on high-end stereo audio systems, which having 200watt and above output power.


But here we designed this circuit as the mono amplifier, which delivers only 100 watts used at a normal speaker load of 4ohm, circuit had the ability to handle the frequency response of 5Hz to 200 kHz



100 watt mono amplifier PCB
100 watt mono amplifier PCB
100 watt mono amplifier PCB
100 watt mono amplifier PCB


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