13003 transistor

13003 transistor
13003 transistor

In this article we explain a powerful transistor type commonly used at amplifier circuit and fast switching circuit applications, the 13003 transistor is an NPN BJT transistor capable of handling high voltage ranges.

When we list the capabilities of the 13003 transistors, high voltage handling and super-fast switching are termed as the main specialty of this device.

Here at this post, we include datasheet characteristics, equivalent circuits, and technical and physical features of 13003.

13003 transistor datasheet  

13003 transistor datasheet
13003 transistor datasheet

Before going to pinout details of the 13003 transistors, this transistor has different types of packages and different pinout details for each.

13003 transistor pinout
13003 transistor pinout
  1. TO-92 package
  2. TO-126 package

1.TO-92 Package

The TO-92 is a type of package used at 13003 transistors, they are made with plastic and epoxy material, due to this reason they are less expensive and compactable at smaller circuits.


13003 TO-92 Package pinout
13003 TO-92 Package pinout

13003 transistor pinout

For this TO-92 type package, the pinout details as follow,

  1. Base (b) – Pin01
  2. Collector (c) – Pin02
  3. Emitter (e) – Pin03

This particular transistor version is a low power handling type, which is using TO-92.

2.TO-126 Package

The TO-126 is another type of package used at 13003 transistors, they are made with plastic and epoxy, but the width and length of this type are greater, so this is capable of higher specifications.

13003 transistor pinout

For this TO-126 type package, the pinout details are different as follows.

  1. Emitter (e) – Pin01
  2. Collector (c) – Pin02
  3. Base (b) – Pin03
13003 TO-126 Package pinout
13003 TO-126 Package pinout

This version of the transistor had high voltage and power capacity, due to this reason TO-126 package is available.


For the 13003 transistors other than TO-92 and TO-126 package, many more packages are available for different circuit applications.

Voltage ratings of 13003

  • Max collector – emitter = 400v
  • Max collector – base voltage = 700v
  • Max emitter – base voltage = 9v

The collector-to-emitter voltage rating is 400v and collector to base voltage rating is 700v, these voltage ratings will make it ideal to use in a wide variety of AC and DC high voltage circuit applications.

The maximum emitter to base voltage is 9v, this is the maximum biasing voltage for this transistor.

Current rating of 13003

  • Maximum collector current = 1.5A
  • Forward current transfer ratio or dc gain = 14 to 57 Hfe
  • Collector peak current = 3A

The maximum collector current is 1.5A, this value shows the maximum current load capacity of 13003 transistors.

The DC gain of transistors is 14 to 57 hfe, this amplification factor is low compare to other transistor types.

Power dissipation

The power dissipation of the 13003 transistor is different due to different package types, for TO-126 power dissipation is 40w and for TO92 the value will be 1.1w.

Maximum storage and operating temperature = -65 to +150˚C

Transition frequency = 10MHz

Storage time = 1us

Fall time = 0.7 us

13003 transistor equivalent

The transistors had many equivalent transistors, here we list a few of them such as 5302D, BLD123D, HLD133D, and STL128D.

SMD version of 13003 transistor

The SMD version of the 13003 transistors is TD13003SMD, the specifications of the surface mount type are almost the same as these transistors.

13003 transistor circuit

1.13003 transistor amplifier circuit diagram

The simple amplifier circuit consisting of two transistors, the D882 transistor acts as the main component of the amplifier circuit, and the 13003 transistor is just for the low power amplification process, we know the DC gain of the transistors is very low.

13003 transistor amplifier circuit diagram
13003 transistor amplifier circuit diagram

13003 transistor advantages

  • They are stable at operation
  • They are reliable to works at high voltages.
  • They are capable of very high-speed operation
  • Different package versions make them used in general-purpose applications
  • They are less expensive
  • They are easily available at the local market

13003 transistor uses

  • Suitable for high switching circuits
  • Amplifier circuits
  • Regulator circuits
  • Charger circuits
  • Motor driver circuits
  • High DC voltage switching circuits
  • SMPS

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