2n2222 equivalent BC547

To setting an equivalent for a transistor need to compare many specifications of the transistor, the 2n2222 equivalent BC547 is the alternative transistor we explain in this post.

The 2n2222 and BC547 transistors are the general-purpose transistor types used at our common electronic circuits, the BC547 transistor is considered as one of the best equivalents of the 2n2222 transistor.

In this article we are going to discuss why BC547 is known as the best equivalent of 2n2222 transistor, we include electrical specifications comparison, connection details, and packaging details about 2n2222 and BC547 transistors. 

2n2222 equivalent

  • 2n2221A
  • 2n4013
  • NTE123A
  • BC547

2n2222 equivalent BC547

The 2n2222 is a powerful transistor than BC547, the 2n transistors had a to-18 package that means they had a metal case as the packaging.

 The bc547 transistor to-92 package but, at the same time 2n2222 had to-92 packages such as PN2222 and KN2222.

And the pinout details of 2n2222 are emitter, base, and collector but on bc547 it starts from collector, base, and emitter.

The collector to the base voltage at 2n2222 is 60v and at bc547 the value is 50v, and the collector to emitter voltage of 2n2222 is 30v and at bc547 it is 45v, the emitter to the base voltage at 2n2222 is 5v and at bc547 it is 6v.

Then the maximum collector current at the 2n2222 is 800mA but at bc547 it is 100Ma.

Then power dissipation of both 2n2222 and bc547 is the same that is (500mw), the DC gain at 2n2222 is 75 to 300HFe and at BC547 it is 110 to 800HFe and the thermal resistance at the case of 2n2222 is 146k/w and on bc547 it is 83.3˚C/w.

The transition frequency of 2n2222 is 250MHz and at BC547 it is 300MHz, then the noise figure on 2n2222 is 4db and at BC547 it is 10db.

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