In this article, we explain the difference and similarities between 2n2222 vs 2N3904, both of them are common BJT transistors, they are also known as general-purpose transistor components.

And technically 2n2222 and 2n3904 are NPN-type transistors, commonly used at every device around us, in this 2n2222 vs 2n3904 post we try to explain different expects of both of these components such as pinout details, power features, simple working, equivalent components, and applications.


2n2222 pinout 

2n2222 pinout 
2n2222 pinout


2n2222 pins Pin no
Emitter Pin 1
Base Pin 2
Collector Pin 3



2n2222 Package 

2n2222 Package 
2n2222 Package


The 2n2222 transistor had a TO-18 package, the external covering of the transistor is built with metal.

Using the TO-18 package, the 2n2222 had so many advantages, such as it can handle higher values of current and also can have the ability to handle a high amount of temperature.

In other words, the TO-18 package acts as a heat sink.



2n3904 pinout

  1. Emitter
  2. Base
  3. Collector


2n3904 pinout


2n3904 Package 

The 2n3904 transistor has a TO92 package, the external covering is made with plastic and epoxy with suitable size.

The main advantage of the TO92 package is the compatibility and less expensive 

The TO92 package can’t withstand higher temperatures.


2n2222 Max voltage

  • Collector-base voltage (VCB)  = 60V
  • Collector-emitter voltage (VCE) = 30V
  • Emitter-base voltage (VEB)  = 5V


The 2n2222 transistor operate with medium voltages

The max voltage at collector-emitter of 2n2222 transistor is 40v, this is an indication for we can use 2n2222 transistors at any common applications. 

2n2222 max current    

  • Collector current (IC) = 800mA
  • Peak collector current = 800mA
  • Peak base current = 200mA
  • DC current gain = 100hfe


The collector current of the 2n2222 transistor is 800Ma, this particular value will make the device use at audio amplifier circuits.

2n2222 max frequency

The maximum transition frequency 2n2222 can have at a circuit is around 250 MHz, the transition frequency value determine the current gain of the component at a circuit.

Power dissipation values of 2n2222

  • Maximum collector power dissipation =0.5w
  • Storage temperature = -65 to +150˚C
  • Junction temperature = 200˚C
  • Total power dissipation = 500mw

2n3904 Max voltage  

  • Collector-base voltage (VCB) = 60v
  • Collector-emitter voltage (VCE) = 40v
  • Emitter-base voltage (VEB) = 6v


The 2n3904 transistor operates with medium voltages.

The max voltage at collector-emitter of 2n2222 vs 2n3904 is 40v, this is an indication that both the device are identical with most operations, except some operations. 

2n3904 max current  

  • Collector current (IC) = 200mA
  • Peak collector current =  200mA
  • Peak base current = 100mA
  • DC current gain = 30 to 300 HFE


The collector current of the 2n3904 transistor is 200Ma, this particular value will make the device use at low current applications

The DC gain value for 2n3904 had a wide range, start from 30 to 300, this value makes the device can be used at amplifier systems.

The maximum current is determined by the collector, at this transistor it is 200Ma, so the load connect to this transistor cannot exceed 200Ma.  

2n3904 max frequency

The maximum transition frequency 2n3904 can have at a circuit is around 270 MHz

Power dissipation values of 2n3904   

  • Storage temperature = -65 to +150˚C
  • Junction temperature = 150˚C
  • Total power dissipation = 650mw

2n2222 Equivalent

The equivalent transistors for the 2n2222 on a circuit are, 2n2219, 2n1613, 2n2792, and 2n2218. 

Other than these transistors, 2n2222 had a more possible equivalent, this is because the 2n2222 is a general-purpose transistor

The only thing we need to consider before replacing the 2n2222 is the pin configuration.

2n3904 equivalent

The equivalent transistors for 2n3904 is, 2n3055 and BC548

The 2n3904 is a general-purpose transistor. 

Special features of 2n2222 vs 2n3904 

The transistors 2n2222 vs 2n3904 known as the general-purpose device, both had a wide variety of applications in educational and hobby projects.

The collector current dissipation of 2n2222 vs 2N3904 values shows that both the device could work as the amplifier.

The low cost of the 2n2222 and 2n3904 transistor increases the availability and more applications at almost all devices around us.

The 2n2222 operates at high speed at devices and 2n3904 operates with modernly high speed on circuits.

The key feature of the 2n2222 transistor is that it could handle high currents compare to other similar transistor types.

The collector current value of 2n3904 is 200mA and 2n2222 has a collector current close to 1ampere, in this way 2n2222 can have the ability to handle high-value loads 2n3904. 

2n2222 complementary PNP

The 2n2222 transistor is an NPN type device, in some circuits they need a perfect complementary PNP transistor.

At applications like siren circuits, amplifier circuits, and flash circuits, a combination of NPN-PNP is needed.

For the 2n2222 NPN transistor, we have 2n2907 PNP.

2n3904 complementary PNP

The 2n3904 NPN transistor needs PNP complementary transistor.

The most common PNP transistor used with 2n3904 is the 2n3906. 

2n2222 transistor applications

  • Amplifier circuits
  • Complementary transistor amplifier circuits
  • Used as switch
  • PWM
  • Embedded systems 
  • Automation systems
  • Inverter circuits 
  • Rectifier circuits
  • Speed control systems
  • High current circuits

2n3904 transistor applications 

  • Module driving circuits
  • LED driving 
  • Relay driving 
  • Amplifier circuits
  • Amplifier modules 
  • Used at television 
  • Used at almost all home appliances 

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