2n5401 PNP transistor

 2n5401 PNP transistor
2n5401 PNP transistor

2n5401 is a PNP bipolar junction transistor and the transistor is capable of high voltage, 2n5401 transistor had applications on power supply circuits.

The 2n5401 transistor-based applications are at amplifier circuit and general-purpose switching, the voltage capacity of the 2n5401 transistor makes it suitable for these applications.

 2n5401 PNP bipolar junction transistor features

  • Collector to base voltage (VCB) – –160V
  • Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) – -150V
  • Emitter to base voltage (VEB) – -6V
  • Collector current (IC) – -600mA
  • Current gain – 60 to 240hFE
  • Transition frequency (TF) – 400MHz
  • Noise figure (NF) – 8dB
  • Power dissipation (Pd) – 625mW
  • Collector cut-off current (ICBO) – -50µA
  • Output capacitance (Cob) – 6pf
  • Junction temperature (TJ) -55 to +150°C
  • Thermal resistance junction to ambient (RθJA) – 200°C/W

2n5401 PNP transistor Pinout details

2n5401 PNP transistor Pinout details
2n5401 PNP transistor Pinout details

The pinout details at the 2n5401 transistor are in the EBC pattern, it is a common transistor terminal pattern, starts from the emitter, base, and collector.

And the package used at 2n5401 transistor in a TO-92 package, technically TO-92 package is used for low power general purpose transistor.

The TO-92 package is made with a mixture of epoxy and plastic material, due to this reason these transistors are less expensive and compact at a circuit. 

2n5401 transistor brief description

2n5401 is a PNP BJT transistor capable to handle high voltages, most of the applications based on 2n5401 are general purpose switching and amplifier circuits.

The collector to base voltage is -160V, collector to emitter voltage is -150V, and emitter to base voltage is -5v, this is the reason why 2n5401 is called the high voltage transistor.

The maximum collector current of 2n5401 is -600mA, the current value shows that 2n5401 is a moderate level transistor, which is capable of general-purpose applications.

The current gain range of 2n5401 is 60 to 240hFE, the magnifying level of this transistor is good.

The power dissipation of 2n5401 is 625mW, the dissipation value shows it is a low power transistor, so we can use it at any general-purpose application.

The noise figure range of 2n5401 is 8dB, the maximum noise value shows that 2n5401 has better noise at amplifier circuit applications.

The transition frequency value at 2n5401 is 400MHz, the frequency value shows the capability of this transistor at switching and amplifier circuits.

The junction temperature value at 2n5401 is -55 to +150°C, so the transistor had a good range of heat capacity.

Equivalent for 2n5401 transistor

The transistors such as 2SA1319, 2SA1625, KTA1275, 2SC2909, and 2SA709 are the perfect equivalent for the 2n5401 PNP transistor type.

Each of the transistors on this list had identical pinout details but different electrical specifications, so at the replacement process you need to check voltage and current value before exchanging.

NPN complementary transistor for 2n5401

2n5551 is the NPN complementary component for the 2n5401 transistor, the 2n5551 transistor had similar electrical and physical characteristics to 2n5401.

2n5401 SMD versions

2n5401 SMD versions
2n5401 SMD versions

The 2n5401, dxt5401, and dzt5401 are the SMD versions for the 2n5401 PNP transistor type.

Most of the electrical specifications of SMD transistors are the same as the 2n5401 transistor, but the transition frequency value of each SMD transistor is rated as 300MHz.

And power dissipation value of 2n5401 SMD versions are different,

2n5401s (PD= 350Mw)

Dxt5401 and dzt5401 (PD = 1W)

And the emitter-base (VEB) voltage at dzt5401 is -6v

SMD transistor package of 2n5401s, dxt5401, and dzt5401

The SMD transistor package used for each SMD version 2n5401 transistor are different,

  • 2n5401s (SOT 23)
  • Dxt5401 (SOT 89)
  • Dzt5401 (SOT 223)

2n5401 vs mpsa92

The table below is to compare the electrical specifications of each 2n5401 and mpsa92 transistor.

Characteristics   2n5401   Mpsa92
Collector to base voltage (VCB) -160V -300V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) -150V -300V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB) -5V -5V
Collector current (IC) -600mA -500mA
Power dissipation 625mW 625mW
Junction temperature (TJ) -55 to +150°C -55 to 150°C
Transition frequency (FT)  400MHZ 50MHZ
     Noise (N) 8dB
   Gain (hFE) 60 to 240hFE 25 to 40hFE
    Package TO-92 TO-92

The voltage value of both transistors is different,

  • For, 2n5401 (VCB = -160V) and (VCE = -150V), but at mpsa92, it is (VCB = -300V) and (VCE= -300V).

The peak collector current and DC current gain value of each transistor is different,

  • For, 2n5401 peak (IC= -600mA) and for mpsa92 it is (IC= -500mA)
  • For, 2n5401 DC gain current value is (60 to 240hFE) and for mpsa92, it is (25 to 40hFE).

2n5401 graphical characteristics

DC current gain vs collector current
DC current gain vs collector current

The figure shows the DC current gain vs collector current curve, we can see the current gain is dipping when the collector current increases to a maximum limit.

collector current vs base-emitter voltage
collector current vs base-emitter voltage

The figure shows the collector current vs base-emitter voltage curve, we can see an increase in collector current with the slightest change in base-emitter voltage.

Applications of 2n5401 transistor   

The 2n5401 is a PNP transistor type mostly used for high voltage applications, but the 2n5401 transistor is also the best option for amplifier circuits.

  • General-purpose switching and amplifier applications
  • Telephony applications
  • High voltage applications
  • Multi-stage amplifier circuits
  • Power supply applications

2n5401 transistor amplifier circuit

2n5401 transistor amplifier circuit
2n5401 transistor amplifier circuit

The figure shows the multi-stage amplifier circuit, the 2n5401, and its complementary NPN transistor 2n5551 are the main component for this circuit.

At the input the 2n5551 NPN transistor acts as the preamp for the circuit, then in the next stage, the signal reaches the push-pull 2n5401 and 2sc5200 network.

The combined operation of 2n5401 and 2sc5200 transistors make a much powerful audio output.

2n5401 Datasheet

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