2sc2312 transistor

2sc2312 transistor
2sc2312 transistor

2SC2312 is an NPN-type power transistor that had more applications as an RF power amplifier.

2sc2312 is not a common transistor device, which means they are been used at high-frequency circuits such as HF band mobile radio applications, the electrical specifications of the 2SC2312 transistor indicate, it is a powerful device.

2SC945 NPN BJT power transistor features

  • 2SC2312 is an NPN BJT power transistor
  • The maximum collector to base voltage is (VCB) 60v
  • The maximum collector to emitter voltage is (VCES) 60v
  • The maximum collector to emitter voltage is (VCEO) 20V
  • The maximum emitter to base voltage is (VEB) 5v
  • Peak collector current (Ic) is 6A
  • Power dissipation (Pd) is 25W
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is -65 to +175°C
  • Transition frequency (TF) is 27MHz
  • LOW NOISE amplifier
  • LOW frequency
  • TO-220 Package

2SC2312 NPN BJT power transistor PINOUT DETAILS



The 2sc2312 transistor pinout is started from left to right, base, collector, and emitter, the 2sc2312 model had emitter ballasted configuration, the outer case, or a TAB of the transistor is called the fourth terminal, generally, TAB is connected to the ground.

The 2sc2312 transistor had a package of TO-220, the usage of this particular transistor package is because it is a power transistor, and so TO-220 needs to handle higher power and the making of TO-220 package is with epoxy and plastic with metal body for attaching heat sink.

2SC2312 transistor description

2sc2312 is an NPN RF power transistor, the common application of the 2SC2312 transistor is based on a high-frequency circuit.

The maximum voltage value of 2sc2312 is VCE = 20V, VCB= 60V, and VEB= 5V, the voltage value makes the transistor used for power amplifier applications.

The peak collector current at the 2SC2312 transistor is 6A, this current value indicates the maximum load allowable in this transistor.

The peak current gain at this transistor is 20 to 180hFE, this is an important value for the applications like an amplifier. 

The power dissipation value at 2sc2312 transistor is 25w, it is the maximum temperature capacity, and the device package had an important role to play.

The transition frequency value at the 2sc2312 is 27MHz, the frequency value is important for mobile radio applications.

 The 2sc2312 transistor had a junction temperature value of -65 to +175°C.

2SC2312 NPN BJT power transistor datasheet

2SC2312 datasheet
2SC2312 datasheet


2SC2312 equivalent transistors

2sc2312 transistor equivalents are 2SC1969 and 2SC1307, both the equivalent transistors are almost identical to the 2SC2312 transistor.

The electrical specifications of both transistors are a little bit different so we need to check and verify before the replacement process.

The pinout details are another major issue in the replacement process, here also check and verify the pinout details.

2SC2312 vs 2SC1969

The table below is used to compare 2SC2312 and 2SC1969 transistors electrical characteristics, this comparison will be really useful for the replacement process.

Characteristics  2SC2312  2SC1969
Collector to base voltage (VCB) 60V 60V
Collector to emitter voltage (VCE) 20V 25V
Emitter to base voltage (VEB) 5V 5V
Collector current (IC) 6A 6A
Power dissipation 25W 20W
Junction temperature (TJ) -65 to 175°C -55 to 150°C
Transition frequency (FT) 27MHZ 27MHZ
     Noise (N)
   Gain (hFE) 20 to 180hFE 10 to 180hFE
    Package TO-220 TO-220


2SC2312 transistor SMD

There is no SMD version available for the 2SC2312 transistor.

2SC2312 transistor uses

  • High-frequency (HF) amplifier
  • RF power amplifier circuit
  • LOW noise amplifier
  • High-frequency band mobile radio applications
  • Series regulator

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