2SC5200 transistor

The 2sc5200 is an NPN BJT transistor used for power amplifier applications, this transistor had more variety of features at its working. We explain every electrical characteristic of the transistor from the 2sc5200 datasheet.

Then also we explain about circuit application aspects of the 2sc5200 transistor that include equivalent transistors and different circuits using 2sc5200.

2sc5200 pinout

2sc5200 pinout
2sc5200 pinout

Pin01 – Base

Pin02 – Collector

Pin03 – Emitter

TO-264 package

TO-264 package
TO-264 package


For this 2sc5200 transistor, to-264 is the package used in it. It is a package made with plastic and epoxy material.

This package had different applications at IGBT, MOSFET and integrated circuit, specialty of this packages is that it can easily attach to the heat sinks.

2SC5200 datasheet

In this section, we include information’s about electrical characteristics shown by the 2sc5200 transistor, so we can use these values to make circuits, and also we can get a proper idea about the 2sc5220 transistor.

2sc5200 voltage

The collector-base voltage is 230v and Collector – emitter voltage is 230v, both these values will indicate the high voltage of the 2sc5200 transistor, then also the emitter-base voltage is the triggering voltage it is only 5v.

  • Collector – Base Voltage (VCB) = 230V
  • Collector-Emitter voltage (VCE) = 230V
  • Emitter – Base voltage (VEB) = 5V


2sc5200 transistor ampere

The collector current is 15A, it is the current value that indicates the maximum current capacity of the transistor, then the Base current is 1.5A, they are the maximum base current of the transistor.

The DC current gain is mainly utilized at the amplifier application, so the gain values are in two collector current conditions.

  • Collector current (IC) = 15A
  • Base current (IB)= 1.5A
  • DC current gain = VCE = 5V, IC = 1A

                           = 55 to 160 HFe

                           = VCE = 5V, IC = 7A

                           = 35 to 60 HFe

The power dissipation of the 2sc5200 transistor is 150w, and the maximum temperature capacity of the transistor is around -55 to 150˚C.

The frequency response or transition frequency of the transistor device is 30MHz, and we know the importance of collector output capacitance in a transistor, here at 2sc5200 the value is 200pf.

Collector power dissipation (PC) = 150w

Junction temperature = 150˚C

Storage temperature range = -55 to 150˚C

Transition frequency (FT) = 30MHz

Collector output capacitance = 200pf


2sc5200 equivalent 

The transistor equivalent for 2sc5200 is 2sc3320, 2sc5242, 2sd1313 and FJL4315

2sc5200 replacement

The perfect replacement for the 2sc5200 transistor is TTC5200, MJL3281A, MJl13002A, and KTC5242.

2sc5200 complementary

The PNP complementary for 2sc5200 is 2sa1943

2sc5200 SMD version

The sc5200 is a power transistor, so they don’t have an SMD version transistor.

2sc5200 amplifier

The main amplifier circuit using a 2sc5200 transistor is with its complementary PNP transistor that is 2sa1943.

2sc5200 amplifier circuit

100 watt mono amplifier circuit diagram
100-watt mono amplifier circuit diagram


The main components at this circuit are the 2sc5200 and 2sa1943 complementary transistor combination, and a BC547 transistor is used at the amplifier circuit.


For this amplifier circuit, we can set single and dual power supply, the circuit in the figure works with a dual power supply.


The BC547 transistor is used to set a fixed voltage for the push-pull transistor arrangement, then the audio signal reaches the 2sc5200 and 2sa1943. Both the transistor’s combined operation makes a high power output for the amplifier circuit.


2sc5200 transistor uses

  • High power audio circuits
  • AF circuits
  • Audio frequency amplifiers
  • Low slew rate device
  • Push-pull configuration circuits
  • High current circuits
  • Used at medium power circuits
  • High fidelity audio circuits

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