2SC945 transistor datasheet

2SC945 transistor datasheet
2SC945 transistor datasheet

2SC945 is an NPN type transistor type, mostly used at audio frequency amplifiers and amplifier systems with high frequency.

2SC945 transistor is known also known as OSC NPN transistor because, it is also used for oscillator applications, the current gain, and transition frequency of the 2SC945 transistor make it suitable for these applications.

2SC945 features

  • 2SC945 is an NPN BJT transistor
  • The maximum collector to base voltage is (VCB) 60v
  • The maximum collector to emitter voltage is (VCE) 50v
  • The maximum emitter to base voltage is (VEB) 5v
  • Peak collector current (Ic) is 150mA
  • Power dissipation (Pd) is 750mW
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is 125°C
  • Noise figure (NF) is 60dB
  • Transition frequency (TF) is 190MHz
  • TO-92 Package



The pinout of the 2SC945 transistor will start from left to right that is the emitter, collector, and base.

The transistor package deployed for this transistor is TO-92, this is because it is a tiny component that needs to compact at a small circuit and the TO-92 transistor package makes this component less expensive.

2SC945 description

2SC945 is an audio frequency and high-frequency NPN transistor, it is not a general-purpose component.

The DC gain current of the 2SC945 transistor is 90 to 600Hfe, the gain value is good for the high frequency and oscillator circuit applications.

The transition frequency of the 2SC945 transistor is 190MHz, the frequency value is important for the oscillator and amplifier applications.

The peak current value of 2sc945 is 150mA, this is the maximum load allowed at this transistor and the base current at the transistor is 50mA.

The noise frequency at the 2SC945 transistor is 60dB, the power dissipation rate at this transistor is rated 750mW.

2SC945 datasheet

2SC945 datasheet
2SC945 datasheet


2SC945 equivalent

The 2SC945 transistor had equivalent transistors such as 2SC1815, 2SC3198, H945, KSC945C, and 2SC3919.

The transistors in this list are the replacement transistor for 2SC945, which means the electrical and physical characteristics of each transistor is the almost the same.

At the replacement process, we need to check and verify the electrical specifications before the replacement, because most of the transistors on this list had different voltage values.

2SC945 SMD

The SMD version for 2SC945 are 2SC1623, KSC1623, and C945, all of these transistors are SMD versions for 2SC945.

The 2sc945 surface mount type had a SOT-23 package and the electrical specifications of the SMD model are slightly different. 

2SC945 preamplifier

2SC945 preamplifier
2SC945 preamplifier

The figure shows the circuit diagram for the microphone preamplifier circuit using two 2SC945 transistors.

The circuit consists of two 2SC945 transistors and a few resistors and capacitor passive components.

It is a preamplifier circuit, so when the audio signal reaches the first 2sc945 transistor, it amplifies the signal to a level and passes to the second transistor.

The combined operation of both transistors makes a pre-amplified signal, then produced signal passes to the main amplifier section.

 2SC945 transistor uses

  • High-frequency amplifier
  • Preamplifier circuit
  • AF amplifier circuit
  • H-bridge controller circuits
  • Driver circuits
  • Oscillator circuit
  • Audio mixture circuit

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