Advantages and disadvantages of AC generator

Advantages and disadvantages of AC generator
Advantages and disadvantages of AC generator

An AC generator is a machine that converts mechanical movements into electrical energy, the mechanical movement is been produced by a steam turbine, gas turbine, or water turbine, then the AC generator produces equivalent electrical energy.

The production of electricity at the generator is been done using the principle of faradays law of electromagnetic induction, which states that whenever a current-carrying conductor cuts the magnetic field an EMF will produce on it.

In this article, we list and explain the advantages and disadvantages of AC generators over DC generators and others.

Advantages of AC generator

  • AC is very easy and efficient to transmit over long distances rather than DC.
  • The design of an AC generator is much simpler than a DC generator.
  • There is no need for matching a voltage.
  • They had a less noisy operation.
  • AC generators are easier to maintain.
  • Unnecessary for matching voltage.
  • Improve power supply
  • Promote power consumption
  • AC generators don’t need a commutator and brushes.
  • AC generator can step up and step down voltage value through transformers
  • Losses that happen at AC generators are relatively less than in DC machines.
  • The size of the AC generator is less than the DC generator.
  • They are been widely used because of their ability to produce power that can be used for industrial applications.
  • It is a simple machine without any complexity.

Explanation for advantages of AC generator

AC is very easy to transmit over DC

The alternating current (AC) is an electric current we can easily transmit over a long distance rather than a direct current (DC).

This is because DC current is Uni-direction energy which has enormous energy loss at transmission and it is a very expensive operation.

At the same time, AC is a two-directional electric current and is easy to transmit due to fewer energy losses at transmission.

Less noise operation     

The AC generator is the quietest machine, technically it is due to the lack of some parts in the AC generator than DC generators.

And modern-day generators are less noise because of the electronic technology implementation.

Easy to maintain AC generator  

We can easily maintain an AC generator machine, this is because they are not complex machines that don’t have any complicated parts.

Power consumption

The power consumption is the amount of energy used per unit of time, the AC generator promotes power consumption.

The AC generators produce higher energy with respect to voltage and current, the amount of energy is higher than other devices.

Losses that happened at AC generator are less than DC generator

The AC generator is a very efficient device compared with a DC generator, this is due to sparking and other losses like copper, eddy current, and mechanical and hysteresis losses are less affected by AC generators.

Disadvantages of AC generator

  • They have a high level of extra insulation due to the largely associated voltage produced on the machine.
  • They had susceptible to spark and heating issues.
  • AC generator devices are not durable as DC generator types.
  • AC generation of AC power on a large scale using an AC generator can be unsafe.

Explanation for disadvantages of AC generator

A high level of insulation is needed in the machine

AC generator is a device associated with higher voltages, due to this we need to perfectly insulate the whole device.

They are susceptible to spark & heating issues

The main problems faced by the generator machines are the sparking and heating issues, at the power generation process heat is been naturally produced and sometimes it may lead to fire production.

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