Advantages and disadvantages of laser

Advantages and disadvantages of laser
Advantages and disadvantages of laser

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, laser is a lighting device that emits a focused light beam using the process called optical amplification based on the stimulated emission theory.

The laser was invented by Theodore H. Maiman in1960s, today the laser had applications in every field.

In this article, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of laser technology.

what are the Advantages & disadvantages of laser(with explanation)

We explain the advantages and disadvantages of laser technology, the technical advantages of laser will make it a better technology for multiple applications.

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Advantages of laser

  • High data conveying capacity
  • Used at clinical medical applications
  • It has the ability to carry more information’s
  • They can be used as a medium for transfer information’s
  • It is free of electromagnetic interference, this is very useful for optical wireless communication.
  • Laser-based devices are less weight
  • High intensity and have low divergence
  • High output power
  • Simple design
  • Better modulation capacity
  • It has high coupling efficiency
  • Used at high temperature
  • The produced light can be precisely controlled.
  • Low spectral width
  • It is easier to arrange arrays
  • Less sign spillage
  • The outcome of electro attractive obstruction

Explain the main advantages of laser

Carry more information’s

The laser is capable of carrying more information, the focused beam will be used at optical fibers to transfer information, and they have the ability to carry huge information.

Medium to transfer information’s

Two types of mediums are used to transfer information, optical fiber and air can be used as a medium to transfer.

Free of electromagnetic interference

Light is the medium used to transfer information, so naturally, electromagnetic interference will be free at laser transmission.

Less weight

Common laser devices are weightless, the focusing points and beam generator is less weight.

High intensity & low divergence

The laser emitted beam had high intensity, mostly three or four types of colors are used for laser, and the intensity of the beam will be decided by the power of the laser device.

The laser has a low divergence measurement, the light diameter will not change with the distance it traveled.

Modulation capacity

The laser had better a modulation capacity, the modulation process of the laser is in two types, but both of them have almost a process which is by varying the voltage and current with respect to time.

Coupling efficiency

The coupling efficiency is the amount of power emitted from an optical source that are been coupled with fiber.

The laser has high coupling efficiency, so it produces high power on the beam of laser light.

Array arrangement

Using laser diodes we can make array arrangements, these laser arrays had many applications in many fields.

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Disadvantages of laser

  • It is more expensive
  • Increases complexity and duration at treatment
  • The laser beam is very delicate to handle in the cutting process
  • It is harmful to the human being when it comes to direct contact with it.
  • Energy consumption is not fix
  • Require higher maintenance
  • It had a critical heating problem

Explain the main disadvantages of laser

Harmful for humans

Direct contact at laser beam will burn the skin of humans, this is due to high energy transmission of the laser diode.

The Emitted laser has a powerful beam, continuous emission of the laser produces heat transfer.

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