Advantages and disadvantages of LDR

Advantages and disadvantages of LDR
Advantages and disadvantages of LDR

LDR is the short form of Light Dependent Resistor, which is also called a photo-resistor that changes the resistance value proportional to the intensity of the light that falls on the LDR.

LDR or photo-resistor are been mainly used in electronic devices for the sensing of light, in this section we concentrated on the advantages and disadvantages of LDR and its brief explanation.

Advantages of LDR

  • High sensitivity
  • Low cost
  • Easy installation
  • High light-dark resistance ratio
  • They are a small size
  • They had a very simple device
  • Connections made with LDR are very simple
  • The frequency response is very low
  • They only used small voltage to power the LDR

The explanation for advantages of LDR

High sensitivity

The LDR (light dependent resistor) had high sensitivity, the sensitivity of the LDR is mainly dependent on the resistance property, and any small resistance variations will be reflected on the device.

Easy installation

The installation of the LDR is easy because commonly it is a two-terminal device size of a resistor, so we can easily connect them with the circuit.

Small voltage needs to power LDR

A small voltage is needed to power the LDR, this is because it is a low supply voltage component.

The power need to provide towards the LDR is purely based on its value, the LDR resistance value is the baseline for its power supply.

Disadvantages of LDR

  • Very small range of spectral response
  • Hysteresis effect
  • Low-temperature stability
  • Slow response in a stable material
  • Inaccurate value at the change in a temperature environment
  • It had a low response time
  • It had non-linear characteristics

Explanation for disadvantages of LDR

Small range of spectral response

The light spectral response of LDR (Light-dependent resistor) is very short, so at the light spectral very minimum frequency are been response with an LDR component.

Low-temperature stability

The temperature stability of the LDR is very low, this is because they are made high sensitive, so naturally, and the temperature stability will be very low.

Inaccurate value at the change in temperature

The sensitivity of the LDR is very high, so if any minute variations happened at the temperature will directly affect the LDR (Light Dependent Resistor).

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