Advantages and disadvantages of LED TV

Advantages and disadvantages of LED TV
Advantages and disadvantages of LED TV

LED TVs are very common these days, most smart gadgets use LED-based displays. In modern days most display technologies are been replaced with LED technology.

In this article we try to explain the main advantages and disadvantages of LED TVs with or without comparison with other display technologies, it must be very useful for those who are new to this technology.

Advantages of LED TVs

  • LED TVs have Less power usage
  • LED TV screens provide brighter displays
  • They provide much better contracts
  • They provide a much thinner panel
  • LED displays have lesser heat dissipation
  • LED-based displays can offer more color combinations than other displays.
  • LED TVs are more durable
  • It is much more environmentally friendly
  • LED TVs offer multiple features than other technologies
  • They have easy and less maintenance
  • The life span of LED TVs is higher than other technologies
  • LED TVs have better viewing angles than other TV technologies
  • Color saturation offered by LED-based display is wider
  • Efficiency at the operation of LED TVs is higher compared with other technology.

Explanation for advantages of LED TVs

Less power usage

LED technology-based TVs consume less power than other displays, this is because the inner parts of LED TVs consume little energy.

The concept of LED technologies are been mainly based on less power consumption, so the sequence arrangement of tiny LEDs to make displays will use tiny energy to illuminate and works as a screen.

Provide brighter displays

We know the quality of a display screen is been measured by the brightness of the screen and the combination of colors, so the LED TVs provide much brighter displays.

Nowadays the whole concept of LED technology are been changing, meanwhile LEDs upgrades and made higher-quality screens have brighter screens.

Thinner displays

The display technologies like CRT monitors and LCD monitors are the conventional screens before LED screens, these display screens had a major problem with the size because the thickness of the screen can’t limit under a certain measurement due to the limitation of the technology.

But at the same time, semiconductor-based LED TVs to have the provision to limit their thickness, this is possible due to LED screens are been constructed with a combination of the tiny semiconductor light-emitting materials.

Less heat dissipation   

Less heat dissipation is another advantage of LED TVs compared to other display technologies, we already know that LED lights consume very less energy compared to other lights. This is the whole concept under less heat dissipation.

And at LED TVs it is much different than a normal LED light, thousands of LEDs are combined to form a display so naturally, an enormous amount of energy exchange will have happened in LEDs.

On the LED TV display panel, heat sinks are been layered under each LEDs to make a less heat dissipation LED display.

LED TVs offer more features

The LED screens are the most advanced display screen technologies on the market, so naturally, the implementation of most modern smart technologies is a bigger deal.

The quality of the screen is an important advancement to implement at the displays, features like sensitive touch screen, internet fault finding, gaming displays, etc…

Less maintenance  

Less maintenance is another advantage of LED TVs, this is because a major portion of LED TVs is covered with display and a small portion of panel board.

And the maintenance of LED TVs is very much less, this is because of the simplicity of the electronic board. Most of the faults at the board is been rectified without any physical contact.

Better viewing angle

LED TVs had a better viewing angle, which means the audience experience a wider and good quality of viewing.

This is possible with LED TVs due to the construction of LED displays that are perfect for the viewer to have a better experience.

Higher efficiency

LED TVs had higher efficiency compared to other display screens, this is because power usage for the LED TVs is very much less compared with other display technologies.

The LED TVs had 90% to 95% efficiency in the operation, this is due to less power usage of semiconductor devices.

Disadvantages of LED TVs

  • It is expensive
  • Expensive repair
  • Local dimming technologies require extra corrections to get a quality picture.
  • LED TVs are not good at an outdoor viewing
  • LED TVs are at a small size limit of under 50 inches

Explanation for disadvantages of LED TVs

The product cost & repair cost is higher

The cost of LED TVs is higher these days, this is because of development happened at LED TVs technologies.

Bad local dimming quality

It is the quality of the picture in dark scenes on the screen, it is very poor on LED TVs because of dimming backlight zones.

Outdoor view is poor  

The viewing quality outdoor is very much lesser, this is because the LED TVs didn’t evenly distribute the light outdoor.

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