Advantages and disadvantages of local area network (LAN)

Advantages and disadvantages of local area network (LAN)
Advantages and disadvantages of local area network (LAN)

LAN (local area network) is a computer network that will be used to interconnect computers within a limited area, the LAN network had a small group of computers connected like a circle like a residence, school, laboratory, hospital, university campus, company or office building.

Advantages of local area network (LAN)

  • Inexpensive transmission media
  • It can simplify the physical association of a device to the media.
  • It is used for high data transmission rates.
  • Network data transmission is independent of the connected device rates.
  • It is more accessible for the one-speed device to send data to other speed devices.
  • A large rate of interconnection between devices.
  • Each connected device has the potential to interact with another device on the network.
  • It is flexible and growth-oriented
  • It allows file locking.
  • They provide a security system against illegal access to data
  • LANs are productivity tools.
  • Hardware and software can be shared
  • Private ownership
  • All the user work can be stored in a central place hub.
  • Separate component
  • It is easy to control and it is easy to manage the entire LAN.
  • Component and system evolution is possible.
  • Configuration of LAN is very easy, due to the availability of the required protocol in the OS itself.
  • They don’t need any storage devices.
  • The error rate is very less.
  • It provides a cost-efficient and multi-user computer environment.

Explanation for advantages of Local area network (LAN)


Setup a local area network is inexpensive, this is because of the limited amount of computers and devices involved in the systems.

LAN systems simplify the physical association of systems 

The local area networking of the system simplifies the physical association of the device to the media, which means all the systems in this circle will be connected.

Potential to interact between devices

At the local area network, a connection has happened in the system and this will leads to interaction between devices.

Provide security system

The LAN system provides a security system, this is a very important feature of a system network.

Disadvantages of local area network (LAN)

  • LAN software needed a memory area in each of the mainframes used on the network, this decreases the memory space available for the user’s program.
  • It will add up another difficulty to computer operation.
  • The installation and authority of a LAN require far more technical and regulatory skills than installing and handling multiple computers.
  • Some current application programs will not run in a network environment.
  • Small geographical area.
  • A virus can be spread more easily.
  • High maintenance
  • A constant need for the upgrade.
  • Printing is too slow at LAN
  • The level of maintenance will continue to grow.
  • It is very difficult to build an architecture for LAN.
  • The network had a lack of performance when the number of users increased.
  • Very limited connections
  • Cover limited area.

Explanation for disadvantages of local area network (LAN)

Installation & authority need far more technical skill

The installation of a local area network (LAN) needs more skill technically, this is because of the handling of multiple systems.

Easily spread virus

In the local area network, there is a chance of spreading viruses at them, this is because of the interconnection between more systems.

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