Advantages and disadvantages of microcontroller

Advantages and disadvantages of microcontroller
Advantages and disadvantages of microcontroller

The microcontroller is an integrated chip that is been programmed to perform a bunch of functions, the implementation of microcontrollers is for automatically controlling different electronic devices and pieces of equipment.

Advantages of microcontroller

  • Low time required for performing the operation
  • It is easy to use
  • The troubleshooting and system maintenance is not complex
  • The time taken to complete a task is very minimum
  • It is less expensive
  • The size of the chip is very less
  • Interfacing with additional RAM, ROM, and I/O ports is much easier.
  • Reprogramming of microcontroller is a difficult task
  • The processing chip is very small and flexible.
  • Without the digital parts, they act like a minicomputer
  • They had less power consumption.
  • Microcontrollers are designed for specific tasks.
  • The PCB size required is very less, this is because of the less hardware requirement.
  • They have smaller access time, hence the speed of operation is high.

Explanation for advantages of microcontroller

Low time required for operation

The microcontroller is a device that has a high operation time, the integration circuit system required very less time to complete a task.

Troubleshooting and system maintenance 

The microcontroller is the system we can easily troubleshoot and they required less maintenance, this is because most of the microcontroller systems are single-task devices, and problems are only acquired at power supply sections.

Smaller in size & less expensive

The microcontroller systems are lesser in size, so due to this reason, we can make different types of devices with this chip.

The microcontroller system cost is major merit, so we can use them in all the devices with cost-efficient devices.

Less power consumption  

The microcontroller chip only needs 5V to power, the supporting devices required little power to work it as a whole system.

Overall microcontroller system required very less power to work as a network or as a computer.

Less PCB & hardware requirement

The microcontroller system needs very less PCB space and hardware.

 Disadvantages of microcontroller

  • It had a complex structure.
  • The microcontroller had no provision to interface a better power device directly.
  • The number of execution is limited.
  • Not every microcontroller has an analog I/O.
  • Programming complexity is high.
  • It can’t have multitasking ability.
  • They can only handle only one operation or task at a time.
  • They don’t power any zero flags.
  • They don’t have any operating system installed on them.
  • They are been made and used in micro-equipment.
  • The program length is big for a microcontroller.

Explanation for disadvantages of microcontroller

Complex structure

The microcontroller structure is very complex this is due to it having a very large-scale integration structure, which contains a computing unit and logic unit, and the memory unit, data unit ad I/O ports.

Can’t have multitasking ability

The microcontrollers only have the ability to have one task at a time, so there are no chances of multitasking ability.

Program length is big

The program length of microcontrollers is really big and complex, it had an old version of the programming language.

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