Advantages and disadvantages of PLC

Advantages and disadvantages of PLC
Advantages and disadvantages of PLC

A programmable logic controller or programmable controller is the full form of (PLC), simply it is a programmed industrial computer system used to control the machine.

The PLCs receive commands from the sensor or input device to trigger the program for to system to start working, one of the main abilities of PLCs is to change and replicate the operation or process while collecting and commanding vital pieces of information.

Advantages of PLC

  • They are much more flexible for programming and reprogramming.
  • They are cost-effective for controlling complex systems.
  • Physical size of PLCs is smaller.
  • They had shorter project time.
  • High-speed operation.
  • They had the ability to communicate with the computer.
  • The troubleshooting and maintenance of PLC are easier.
  • They reduce the space.
  • Rugged and designed to withstand vibration, temperature, humidity, and noise.
  • They are been easily programmed and then understand programming language easier.
  • PLCs have lots of contacts at a low cost with a safe operation.
  • They had a very faster scanning ability.
  • They had a much faster operating time.
  • They had a wide range of control applications.
  • They had the capability of great computational.
  • They need a short training time.
  • The cost of the project will be accurately calculated with PLCs.
  • Single interfacing for input and output are been inside the controller.
  • They had high-speed counters.
  • They had a shorter project implementation time.
  • They provide security in terms of programming.
  • It is very adaptive to changes in production.
  • They had less and simple wiring.
  • It has supervisory control capability.
  • It had more remote control capability.
  • They had a fast response to control the system.
  • At the PLC, we can visualize the operation of input & output modules of the automation system.
  • They are been more compact and robust in operation.
  • The PLCs is a hard industrial computer.
  • PLC is more reliable than relay logic.
  • The cost of PLCs is low.
  • They consume very less power in their operation.

Explanation for advantages of PLC

Flexible for programming & reprogramming

The programmable logic controller (PLC) are been much more flexible in the programming process.

In the early days of programming of PLCs, difficulties are been faced due to the machine programming language, but years gone the programming languages are been more developed, and PLC programming and reprogramming are easier.

PLC systems are smaller in size

The PLCs are smaller in size due to the electronic circuit network, it is a controlling unit for a larger machine and all.

Shorter project time

The project time involves multiple duties, such as analysis, schedule, commanding, etc…

All these duties are been overcome within a short period of time by PLC systems, this is the main advantage of a programmable logic controller.

Ability to communicate with computers

The ability of the PLCs to communicate with a computer is considered large merit, this is because we can easily program, reprogram and troubleshoot using the programmable logic controller.

Disadvantages of PLC

  • The PLC devices are proprietary, which means parts or software of one manufacturer can’t be used in combination with parts of another manufacturer.
  • They had a limited design and cost.
  • They had a fixed circuit operation.
  • They can offer a closed architecture.
  • They had complicated work required at connecting wires.
  • It is very difficult to change or replace.
  • It is very difficult to find an error.
  • PLCs are designed using semiconductors, so these materials are depended on thermal characteristics.
  • They had a fixed circuit operation.
  • Works with PLC need proper training.
  • Some PLCs turn on when power is restored and may cause an accident.
  • We can only operate one program at a time on PLCs.

Explanation for disadvantages of PLC

PLC had proprietary

The proprietary means we can’t use the same part or software of one manufacturer to another, so it is very difficult for an industrial machine to troubleshoot and replace.

Fixed circuit operation  

The programmable logic controller (PLC) had a fixed circuit operation as a system, this is because each the PLC unit is manufactured for certain applications.

Complicated wiring

Difficult wiring will need to connect PLC with a system, this is because multiple sensors, motors, and networks are needed to make a system.

Depending on thermal characteristics

The PLCs are been made with a semiconductor material, this is the reason why the thermal condition of the PLC is important during the operation.

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