Back to back diode

In this article, we are going to explain a different circuit using a PN junction diode, which is back to back diode. We know diode is a single junction and unidirectional device.

What will happen if we connect two diodes in back to back way, in this post we explain the back-to-back diode circuit and also its applications in modern electronics?

Back to back diode symbol

Back to back diode symbol
Back to back diode symbol

When connecting the diode back to back, it is also called anti-parallel configuration at integrated circuits.

Back to back diode operation

The connection of two diodes in the back-to-back form will make a reverse-biased device, the current flow in this circuit is very difficult.

Back to back diode protection

  • The back-to-back diode network main used in the integrated circuit to protect the internal circuits.
  • And also the back-to-back integrated circuit on between the grounds of analog and digital parts of the circuit, which is needed to separate to decrease the digital switching noise.
  • And the back-to-back diode will be used when the input voltage range exceeds the power supply.
  • At the amplifier circuit, we use the back-to-back diode the protect the device from electrostatic discharge or ESD.
  • And at integrated circuits, a sudden strike of voltage that happened at the circuit will be easily handled by back to back diode.
  • In that situation the back-to-back diode acts as a very low resistance path for voltages, the top diode conducts the current and protects the integrated circuit from high current.
  • At the CMOS technology, the ESD protection back-to-back diode network will be used internally.

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