BC547 transistor equivalent

In this discussion, we are going to explain about BC547 transistor equivalent, at circuit designing or repairing of electronic device it is very important to know the replacement transistors for a particular transistor component.

Before going to the BC547 equivalent transistors, we need to know many criteria to satisfy the replacement process. The transistor listing includes specifications of the transistor, technical and application features of transistors.

BC547 transistor replacement

  • BC548
  • 2N2222
  • 2N3904

BC547 equivalent transistors


Pinout of bc548
Pinout of bc548

The transistor equivalent for BC547 is BC548, the pin-out details & package, collector current, current gain, operating temperature, and noise figure of both BC547 and BC548 are the same.

But the max voltage of the two transistors is different, collector to base voltage of BC547 is 50v, at BC548 it is 30v.

The collector to emitter voltage of BC547 is 45v, on bc548 it is 30v, and emitter to base voltage of bc547 is 6v, but at bc548 it is 5v.



2n2222 pinoutĀ 
2n2222 pinout

The BC547 equivalent is 2n2222, the pinout details and package of 2n2222 is different compare to BC547, at BC547 TO-92 is package and at 2n2222 package will be TO-18 metal case.

The max voltage of the 2n2222 transistor is slightly different, that is emitter to base voltage of 2n2222 is 60v, collector to emitter voltage is 30v, and emitter to base voltage is 5v.

The max current of 2n2222 is different from that is at BC547 IC = 100mA, but at the 2n2222 transistor the value is 800Ma, DC gain of BC547 is 110 to 800HFe, but at 2n2222 DC gain value is 75 to 300HFe.

The transition frequency (TF) of BC547 is 300MHz, on 2n2222 it is 250MHz and the noise figure of BC547 is 10db and at 2n2222 it is 4db.


BC547 equivalent 2n3904

2n3904 pinout
2n3904 pinout

The 2n3904 is an equivalent for the BC547 transistor and the transition frequency, thermal resistance, and package of 2n3904 and BC547 are the same.

The pinout details of 2n3904 are different from BC547 and the max voltage and current of 2n3904 are slightly different, that is collector to emitter voltage of 2n3904 is 40v, collector to base voltage is 60v and. emitter to base voltage is 6v

The max current of 2n3904 is 200mA, at BC547 the value is 100Ma, the DC gain of 2n3904 is 100 to 300HFe, but at BC547 it is 110 to 800HFe.

The power dissipation of 2n3904 is 625mW and BC547 is 500mW.

The noise figure of 2n3904 is 5db and at BC547 it is 10db.


BC547 equivalent transistor SMD

The SMD equivalent for the BC547 transistor is BC847, BC847w, and BC850.

  • BC847 (SOT23) TO-236AB package

Small SMD version

  • BC847w (SOT323) SC-70 package

Very small SMD version

  • BC847am (SOT883) DFN1006-3 package

Ultra-small SMD version

The electrical specifications of the SMD equivalent are the same as BC547, but the power dissipation and thermal resistance of the SMD package are different.

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