clap switch with 555 timer

A clap switch is a switch but they didn’t work with your physical movement, all they want to work is clapping sound or produce a sound equivalent to the pitch of same as clapping sound.


555 timer IC is the main component used to build this circuit, and also it is a mini project just you can make this clap switch with 555 timer circuit as an experimental basis.


The circuit with 555 timer needs more explanation about the internal working of 555 IC due to the involvement of the multiple numbers of operating modes are present in it.


clap switch circuit using 555
clap switch circuit using 555

Circuit explanation of 555 timer-based clap switch 

The clap switch project shown here is simple and having only a few components, 555 timer IC will be the backbone of the whole circuit, first, we have a condenser mic as the main component and the resistor is for to adjust the sound sensitivity.


And next, we have the BC547 transistor works as amplifier section, followed by that is our 555 IC, output from the amplifier is directly injected to 555 timer IC, after triggering of the 555 timer output will be shown as glowing of LED.


555 IC timer 









The 555 IC is used as a timer device in circuits, they had much application in trigger switching-based projects, and these applications are possible due to the presents of multiple numbers of operating modes.


For this project 555 timer, IC works as mono-stable mode and a-stable mode at the same time, mono-stable means has one stable state and one quasi-stable state and for the a-stable mode we have one sharp transition between low and high, so they didn’t stable in states. 


Both these two possible modes of operations are utilizing here to work 555 timer as clap switch, when there is a pulse at the trigger pin we get an indication as LED HIGH after that LED become LOW due to the duration of a capacitor discharging.


working of clap switch using 555 timer

When the clap sound reaches the condenser mic, sound energy is converted into electrical but that is not enough to make a trigger pulse, so here we need an amplifier, transistor BC547 based single-stage amplifier is used to make a minimum level of amplification.


Along with the condenser mic, the R4 resistor is used for mic sensitivity, and then the R3 resistor is used to provide base voltage to the Q1 transistor.


The signal produced at the transistor will be directed into 555 timer ICs trigger pin, 555 make the output and LED glow with the help of resistor R2, which is to provide a driving voltage.


After some time LED automatically becomes OFF, this is due to resistor R1 and capacitor C1, you can adjust the duration of the LED in ON state by changing the values of resistor and capacitor.


Clap switch circuit 220v

Clap switch circuit 220v
Clap switch circuit 220v

You have another option to upgrade this clap switch with 555 timer circuit into Ac based circuit, we can connect 220v ac device with this circuit by including relay into it, this 555 timer IC can have the ability to operate any average AC voltage device, and again we remind you that, this is the mini-project, not a product project.

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