Class A MOSFET amplifier

We are going to explain to you about the Class A MOSFET amplifier, the MOSFET is one of the powerful semiconductor devices in the field of electronics but we use it as an amplifier component mostly for high current amplifier circuit applications.

Here when we make class A MOSFET amplifier is a bad idea, because class A amplifier configuration means, the amplifier circuit has only one amplifier transistor with a common emitter configuration or common source configuration.

Class A MOSFET amplifier circuit

Class A MOSFET amplifier circuit
Class A MOSFET amplifier circuit
  • The circuit shows the class A amplifier using the MOSFET transistor, we can see the source terminal is common for the whole circuit.
  • The circuit only has MOSFET as the amplification component, this will the indication that it is a class A amplifier.
  • The capacitors used at the input and output of the circuit are for coupling or bypassing the DC signal.
  • This is for managing the load.


  • The common source MOSFET amplifier had a large voltage gain.
  • The class A amplifier had very poor efficiency
  • The heat sink is needed for this circuit because the MOSFET will be overheated.

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