Disadvantages about internet

We are the generation experience the advantages of the internet, nowadays we can use the internet literally for everything.

The importance of the internet is been increased mainly on long days of the pandemic, the whole world is stuck in their home without any options left. In those days internet revolves around a revolutionary movement.

Everything entertainment, education, business, money related, food, shopping, etc… are been happened under the single platform internet, from that point itself the whole world realize the importance of the internet.

The pandemic days are just the latest pathway for a great revolutionary change that happened on the internet before the pandemic days internet rule the world, the only difference is the increase in internet use after the pandemic.

Every great technology had another side, in this case, the internet is a widely spread concept so naturally, it had the darkest side.

In this article we explain the disadvantages of the internet, this is very useful for everyone.

Disadvantages about internet

  • Addiction and time-wasting
  • Cause distraction
  • Cyberbullying and trolling
  • Stalker and crime
  • Spam and adverting
  • Pornographic and violent images
  • Hacking, viruses, and cheating
  • Affects focus and patience
  • Health issues
  • Depression, loneliness, and social isolation
  • Fake news spreading
  • Theft of personal pieces of information
  • Sensitive pieces of information
  • Money frauds
  • Spreading of anti-social elements
  • Access to wrong pieces of information
  • Lost Reality

 Explanation for disadvantages of internet

Addiction, time-wasting, and cause distraction

These are the common issues faced by everyone nowadays mainly young ones, the internet is spread with different types of pieces of information and platforms related to every field, so a mature approach is needed to face this problem.

Cyberbullying & trolling

Cyberbullying is a general word nowadays after the popularity of the internet, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are the playground for cyberbullying and trolling.

Crime and stalkers

The internet is known as the virtual world, so in that world crimes are a common thing as in the real world.

All types of crimes will happen on the internet will their fullest, many of them are victims.

Pornographic and violent content

Pornographic and violent content is the major portion of the whole internet, so naturally in countries like India users utilize pornographic content widely.

Violent content had higher views on every social platform, it may affect badly at young ones.

Lost Reality

The lost reality is the upcoming problem we are going to face in the future and its small effects are been shown by our new generation.

Social media giant Facebook is already introducing the technology virtual world, it is a concept mainly connecting our life with the virtual world.  

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