What is the full form of UPS

An uninterruptable power source or Uninterruptable power supply is the full form of UPS, it is a power source used to supply power on the time when the main power shut down.

The power source used within UPS is the batteries, some years ago UPS had the main applications in computer, which is used to keep the computer in ON condition for some time for saving datasets.

But applications of UPS have become wider nowadays, this is due to a function of UPS, which is the uninterruptable nature of this device.


Why UPS is called uninterruptable supply?

The UPS is a power supplying source used to supply the power at the time when the main supply shuts down, the power supplying process is timely and with safety precautions, and also without interrupting the main operation of the device. 

This is the reason why UPS is known as an uninterruptable supply, and this particular function may be a great reason for the large amount of application of UPS in modern electronic devices. 


 Types of UPS devices 

  • On-line UPS

The Online UPS is one of the main UPS types, the functioning of the UPS is indicated with the name On-line.

The On-line UPS proved power from batteries all the time, if the main supply at ON or OFF condition, they charge the battery at the initial stage and then discharge the energy to the load, this is known as On-line UPS.

  • Off-line UPS 

The Offline UPS functioned as, at the initial stage they supply power to the battery and after battery becomes full, the UPS becomes standby and then main supply failed, and the UPS start working within 1-5miliseconds.

This is the reason why this UPS type is known as the standby UPS type.

  • Online double conventional UPS 

The online double conventional UPS also follows online UPS type working topology, but this type is designed to use at selective application which needs pure signal also known as sensitive applications. 


  • Line-interactive UPS 

The line-interactive UPS type is much similar to the Offline UPS type, the technical feature much close to sensitive type devices, but this UPS type had applications at large system units. 


On-line UPS Protection systems

  • Overvoltage protection
  • Under cutoff circuit
  • Over-current protection


Off-line UPS Protection systems

  • AC main over-voltage protection
  • Output current protection
  • Low battery protection


Merits of UPS systems 

  • Easier installation 
  • Reliable operation
  • Protection systems
  • Lower maintenance 
  • Consistent operation 
  • Stable signal 

Demerits of UPS systems 

  • High cost 
  • High Power consumption 
  • Low Durability of the device

Applications of On-line UPS

  • Motor driving applications
  • Hospital applications, ICU facilities, and medical equipment driving
  • High power application

Applications of Off-line UPS

  • Computers
  • laptops
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Energy power supplying devices

Applications of Online double conventional UPS

  • Industrial Application
  • Data collecting units
  • Hospital facilities
  • Manufacture ring facilities
  • Grid systems

Applications of Line-interactive UPS

  • Communication facilities
  • Network facilities
  • Data collecting units 


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