USB full form 

Universal Serial Bus is the full form of  USB, it is a type of connector used for serial communication between the device to device and cable to cable connection.

Generally, USB is a cable used to make Serial communication between electronic devices and controllers, and which may have female and male USB ports on both sides, using these ports we can transfer data and power between the electronic gadgets. 

Types of USB connectors 

The USB connector types are categories with the size of the USB port and also the applications of USB.  


  1. USB-A connector

 it is a common type of USB connectors used at computer system works at 5v.

      2.USB-B connector 

They are not common USB connectors, which only have specific applications like printers. 

  1. USB-mini connector 

This type of USB connector is the standard attempt to minimize the size of USB connector, they have applications at MP3 players, external hard drives, and external hard disk.

  1. USB-micro connector 

This is a very common type of USB connector, which can applications to modern smartphones, digital cameras, and wireless speakers.

  1. USB C type connector

Nowadays these will be the most common USB connectors, the applications are now extended to modern smart phones, the USB C open fast-charging system.

  1. USB 3.1 C connector 

This type of USB connector packs up to 24pins, these types of USB connectors are can have the ability to withstand high current and also have a reversible function. 

  1. USB 3.0 type B connector 

This type is known as fast speed data transfer connector, they have applications at digital cameras and hard drives, but the most important applications of USB 3.0 B connectors are industrial 3D printers.


What are the parts of USB?

  1. Polarization port

This will make a single way of insertion of USB male to female connector.

  1. Four contacts 

The USB connectors have four contacts on their body, two of them are used as power supply and the next two are the data contact D- and D+.

  1. Shielding 

It is an outer covering shield, which will acts as a shield from outer interference. 

  1. Robust power connection 

On the outer part of the USB port, we can see two copper wires towards the outside, they are the power supply connections, when we insert the USB, ensure that both the wire powers the USB before the data ports. 

  1. Plastic coating  

They protect the USB connector from strain.

  1. Female port 

The female port is important in serial communication, both the female and male serial ports combined operation results in the serial bus, the parts on female and male connectors are equal and opposite to each other.

Usually, the cable will be a male connector and connector at the device that is at computers and phones are female Serial Bus. 


As when we start discussions about USB vs PENDRIVE, both of them are the same in their technical and operational details, but they differ at one thing that is the storage facility.

When considering the USB and Pin drive in their physical form, they have the same USB connector, and Pen drives utilize flash memory for the store of data.

But a big theory is behind the working of pen drives is quantum tunneling. 

Merits of USB

  • Easy to handle 
  • Versatile nature of USB
  • Easy to expand your capacity
  • Reliable at the data transfer 
  • Low cost
  • Low power consumption 
  • Low interference 
  • Multi-function nature of USB
  • They are available in different sizes and types for different capabilities.

Demerits of USB 

  • DATA transmission is not so quick 
  • USB cables are limited on their length 

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