Hall Effect transducer

In this article we are going to discuss the Hall Effect transducer, the Hall Effect property of the conductor will be utilized to make the Hall Effect transducer.

What is Hall Effect transducer?

The Hall Effect transducer works under the Hall Effect principle, in other words, they utilize the very basic property of electromagnetism.

  • When a current-carrying conductor strip of the conductor is placed in a magnetic field.
  • An EMF will develop at the conductor, this current is the key part of the Hall Effect transducer.
  • The metal and semiconductor materials have the property to works as Hall Effect transducers, this purely depends on the movement of the electrons on it.

Hall Effect transducer used to measure

  • The Hall Effect transducer is used to measure the magnetic field by converting it into the EMF.
  • Practically the direct measurement of the magnetic field is not possible.
  • Here is the importance of transducers, they are used to convert the magnetic field into an equivalent electric field, which measures it.

Construction of Hall Effect transducer

Construction of Hall Effect transducer
Construction of Hall Effect transducer
  • The figure shows the construction model of the Hall Effect transducer, we can a hall strip is placed on the magnetic field.
  • The current supply applied at the two leads 1 and 2 and output obtained between the leads 3 and 4.
  • Leads 3 and 4 will be at the same potential when no magnetic field is applied.

Application of Hall Effect transducer

  • It converts magnetic to the electric field
  • Measure the displacement
  • Measure current
  • Measure of power
  • Magnetic field strength

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