MOSFET as variable resistor

We are going to discuss the topic of MOSFET as a variable resistor, the MOSFET is one of the main semiconductor devices, so we know that all the semiconductor material had a resistance property at the initial stages of operation.

That particular resistive property will be the main part of this topic that is MOSFET works as a variable resistor.

Variable resistor MOSFET 

All the semiconductor devices show a resistance property at their normal operation, this is due to the partition of the semiconductor junction.

MOSFET as variable resistor
MOSFET as variable resistor
  • At MOSFET itself we can spot many partitions between n and p semiconductors, so at the time we pass the electrical, we can see an opposition developed at the MOSFET.
  • That opposition is the resistance of MOSFET, at this particular condition will be shown at the linear region of MOSFET.
  • The MOSFET will acts as a variable resistor at the linear region of operation.
  • The resistance at the MOSFET decreases with an increase in voltage, which is gate voltage.
  • This is the reason why the MOSFET will be called variable resistor at linear region.
  • But the minimum resistance you need will be decided by RDS of MOSFET.
  • To keep the MOSFET in the ohmic region will depend on the input voltage.
  • But it is very difficult to keep the MOSFET as a variable resistor.
  • And the resistance value of MOSFET is not always accurate.

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