what is hrc fuse

Dealings with electricity if it is at electronics or electrical, protect the circuit or components from overcurrent is always a concern for us. Here is the importance of fuses comes out, in this article we explain a fuse type that is HRC fuse.

HRC fuse full form in electrical

High rupturing capacity fuse is the full form of HRC fuse

HRC fuse cartridge

HRC fuse cartridge
HRC fuse cartridge

The cartridge fuse is the type of fuse which is constructed with ceramic, porcelain, or glass material.

The HRC fuses is called a cartridge fuse, and they are been used to protect cables, power lines and equipment against overloads and short circuit at the electrical system.

HRC fuse construction

HRC fuse construction
HRC fuse construction

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  • The construction of HRC fuses includes materials that have high heat resistance bodies like ceramic or glass.
  • These material bodies also had metal end caps that are wielded through an element that carriers silver current carrying element.
  • The fuse internal body space is completely covered with filling powder, which is always plaster of Paris, chalk, marble, or dust material.
  • The usage of this material keeps the fuse from overheating.
  • A chemical reaction has taken place between silver vapor and powder results to make the high resistance substance.

HRC fuse holder

                  The HRC fuse holder is available in different types in the market, but the cam-action type will be the common one we used in applications. It had an easy fuse removal, which allows contact pressure between the fuse carrier and base carrier.

Working of HRC fuse

  • In normal conditions, the current flowing through the fuse doesn’t provide a break of the fuse.
  • But when a huge current flow strikes, the fuse element opposes the flow of current and the fuse becomes to break down.
  • As when the fuse becomes overloaded, the element of the fuse will blow off and a short circuit condition occurs at the fuse, this is happened by the part at the fuse element, which dissolves and stop the flow of current.

 Types of HRC fuse

  1. NH type fuse

  • The NH HRC fuse types are used for low and medium voltage ranges.
  • They can protect from overload and short circuit protection.
  • They are used in applications like motor staring overload.
  1. DIN type fuse

  • The DIN HRC fuse type is available at a wide range of higher currents.
  • They can also use at different temperature properties
  • They had main applications in transformer protection.
  1. Blade type fuse

  • The blade HRC fuse type is made with a plastic body and two metal caps that fit with the socket.
  • They had most applications at automobile systems.
  • They had short circuit protection.
  • It is a light weighted fuse type
  • They are been used as backup protection systems.

Semiconductor fuse and HRC fuse

  • The construction, working, and applications of both fuses are very much different.
  • HRC fuses are made with metal fuse material, but semiconductor fuses are made with Semiconductor material.
  • And we know metal is sensitive to current only, but semiconductor is sensitive to current, voltage and temperature.
  • The operation speed-wise Semiconductor fuses are faster than HRC fuses.
  • Semiconductor fuses have a loss current rating, this is why they are used for the protection of IGBT and MOSFETs.
  • HRC fuses have a high current rating, so they can be used at motor and other load protection systems.

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