In this article we are going to explain to you about the topic of Ideal current sources, the ideal models had large importance at the practical circuits.

The questions like what if these quantities had these kinds of variations at the working, they all been critically useful for the real-life circuit making.

What is an ideal current source?

What is an ideal current source
What is an ideal current source

The ideal current source is the energy source where the current is constant for any load and also the voltage variation.

  • At the ideal current source, the higher the load resistance that results from the higher voltage drop in resistance.
  • This is due to the constant current, and overall the power output is higher.

Internal resistance of ideal current source

The internal resistance of an ideal current source is infinite, this will show that the current will flows out of it and take the path of least resistance.

The current source has infinite resistance, the output current from the source will not change despite the change in resistance value for the load.

The current out of an ideal current source is 

The ideal current source is an imaginary model, which real devices can approach very closely.

  • The current flows through the ideal current source independent of all variables on the circuit.
  • This is why the ideal current source is called an independent current source


A practical current source will be made by putting very large resistance in series with a voltage source, and that will make the internal resistance much higher as compared to load resistance.

The current at the network will remain constant irrespective of variations in the load resistance.

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