In this article we are going to discuss a battery called LR1130, it is a button-type battery without having mercury content, most of the applications based on this battery are on watches, calculators, and electronic toys.

From the application basis we get an idea that the LR1130 battery needs to have a long life and longer shelf life, theoretical alkaline batteries have these features, so LR1130 is an alkaline battery.

LR1130 is a dry cell button-type alkaline battery

The name of the battery LR1130 explain a lot of thing about this battery type, the letter ‘L’ indicates it is an alkaline battery type.

The small size of the LR1130 battery helps them to have more applications on a large scale and short scale devices and systems.

The LR1130 is an alkaline battery type with a button cell structure, the alkaline type batteries normally offer a long self-life and long operating life.

The merits of alkaline batteries are because they are the primary battery type, which derives energy from the reaction between a metal and substances like manganese dioxide.

These are the common alkaline battery internal arrangement, the alkaline batteries are made with alkaline electrolytes but not with acidic substances, this is why they had more operation life and more shelf life.

The LR1130 batteries are mainly made as button cells or coin cells, small structural arrangement of this cell will help them to have more applications based on LR1130.

LR1130 battery equivalent or replacement  

The batteries such as AG10, LR54, D389, D390, SR1130, V10GA, AG13, LR44, and A76 are the battery equivalent for LR1130 batteries.

Each battery on this list belongs to different companies, so these batteries types will be used as replacements on applications.

For different low power applications, LR1130 batteries are used, the button cell type batteries can replace with the same spec but each belongs to different battery companies.

You can select any of these battery types for the replacement, the electrical and physical specifications are almost the same from each other.

LR1130 battery equivalent battery SR1130

The SR1130 is a silver oxide-based battery that provides us a bit higher battery life with high capacity.

The silver-based battery is more powerful and conductive than manganese-based batteries.

LR1130 battery equivalent Duracell

D389/D390 Duracell batteries is a perfect equivalent for LR1130 battery, these two Duracell batteries had a chemical composition of zinc/ monovalent silver oxide mostly used for watches.

The chemical formula of D389/D390 is zn/Ag20, they had a nominal voltage of 1.55v and a capacity of 80mAh.

The main application of LR1130 batteries are on devices such as watches, calculators, and electronic toys, so Duracell had a better quality replacement for LR1130 type batteries.

Battery equivalent list of LR1130

The batteries in this list are the equivalent battery type for LR1130, we can compare the electrical specifications of each battery and it will help us to select the best one for your need.

Battery type Nominal voltage Cutoff voltage Operating temperature Maximum capacity
Maxell LR1130 1.5V 45mAh
Maxell SR1130 1.55V 79mAh
Maxell SR1130W 1.55V 79mAh
Ansmann LR54 1.5V 0.9V -20V to +60°C 65mAh
Duracell D389/D390 1.55V 1.2V 0 to +60°C 80mAh
Energizer 390/389 1.55V 1.2V 88mAh
muRata LR1130 1.5V -10 to +60°C 70mAh
Varata V10GA 1.5V -10 to +65°C 70mAh
Maxell SR1130SW 1.55V 83mAh
Eurobatt AG10

& LR1130

1.5V 0.9V 70mAh


LR1130 battery electrical specifications  

  • LR1130 battery is a type of alkaline battery with manganese as the main component
  • It is main fabricated as button-type batteries
  • It had a nominal voltage of 1.50V
  • The shelf life and operating capacity of alkaline type batteries are generally higher than other batteries, LR1130 battery had 2 to 3 years of shelf life with not less than 90% of service capacity.
  • Loading of 1000Ω.
  • It had a cut off voltage of 0.90V
  • It had a capacity of 72mAh
  • The average weight of LR1130 button batteries is 1.11g.

LR1130 battery dimension size & weight  

The LR1130 is a button-type battery, so the overall size of this battery is lite, it had the dimension of Φ11.60 x 3.10mm, 2.90 to 3.10mm of height, and 11.40 to 11.60mm of width.

And had a total weight of 1.11g.

The minimum size and weight of LR1130 will be really helpful for applications such as watches and calculators.

LR1130 battery voltage specs

The voltage rating of the LR1130 battery is 1.50V, which is a common voltage value for low power applications, device like watches need a very minimum voltage value, but the operation life must need to be high.

The LR1130 battery had a maximum cutoff voltage value of 0.90V, it is an excellent cutoff value for a battery working on a device because 0.90V of alkaline LR1130 battery is considered as the maximum discharge voltage.

After that particular voltage, the LR1130 battery will be dried out this is because LR1130 is a primary type battery.

The maximum capacity of LR1130 is 72mAh, it is the capacity of this battery when it works on an application.

Where to buy an LR1130 button cell battery?

The LR1130 is a common type of button cell used for many low-power applications such as watches, electronic toys, and calculators.

In this article, we cover almost all technical information’s about the LR1130 battery and also we listed most of the equivalent batteries for LR1130, but on your local market different battery equivalent will be available so check and verify the details and replace them with it.

Due to the low power capacity and enormous applications of these batteries, online shopping sites will provide LR1130 at very low prices.

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