M7 diode

M7 diode
M7 diode

An M7 diode is the SMD version of a 1n4007 conventional diode, the technical specifications of the M7 diode are the same as a 1n4007 diode.

The M7 diode is the surface mount version of the common diode, one of the main applications based on these diodes are rectification circuits.

M7 diode pinout

M7 diode pinout
M7 diode pinout


The M7 diode has two terminals anode and cathode, the cathode terminal will be marked with a tiny line at the surface of the M7 diode case.

M7 diode package

The M7 diode is a surface mount type of component, so they have a DO-214AC (SMA)

M7 diode datasheet

The information at the M7 diode datasheet gives us an idea about the electrical characteristics shown by the device.

Max repetitive peak reverse voltage and maximum DC blocking voltage of M7 diode are 1000v, and the maximum RMS voltage is 700v.

The maximum current value at the M7 diode is 1A, the value will indicate the similarity of the M7 diode with conventional diodes.

M7 diode value

  • Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM) = 1000V
  • Maximum RMS voltage (VRMS) = 700V
  • Maximum DC blocking voltage = 1000V
  • Maximum average forward rectifier current = 1A
  • Maximum instantaneous forward voltage = 1.1V
  • Maximum DC reverse current at rated DC blocking voltage = 50Ua
  • Junction capacitance = 15pf
  • Thermal resistance = 75C˚C/W
  • Operation junction and storage temperature = -65 to +75˚C

M7 diode specifications

  • They had low reverse leakages
  • Built-in strain relief
  • High forward surge current capability
  • High temperature guaranteed at soldering 250˚C/10 second at the terminal

M7 diode test

  • The testing procedure of the M7 diode is the same as the normal diode that is, at the multi-meter first we need set diode checking or a very low resistance option.
  • Then connect probes of the multi-meter into the diode in forward condition, which will show low resistance.
  • And also reverses the probes will show very high resistance on multi-meter
  • These values make sure the M7 diode is working properly

M7 diode equivalent

The equivalent diodes for the M7 diode are M1, M6, and M5 surface mount rectifier diodes.

M7 diode voltage drop

The voltage drop at the M7 diodes is 0.7V, this particular value is due to the silicon material.

M7 diode use

The applications of M7 diode are in surface mount boards, nowadays every PCB board is built with surface mount technology.

The M7 diode is used at surface mount board-based rectifier circuits at adapters, battery charger, charger circuits, and power supply sections of television and computers.

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