What is the Miller effect MOSFET

The internal structural design of the MOSFET is always a difficult part to understand, MOSFET Semiconductor device is an arrangement of multiple semiconductor materials into different sections or junctions. Naturally, there is the possibility to show different properties by the MOSFET in operation.

The capacitance property is one of the main properties shown by each of the junctions at the MOSFET, on lights of capacitance at MOSFET. Miller effect MOSFET is the topic we explain in this article and the miller effect is very much intimate to the capacitance of active devices on electronics.

Miller effect definition

The miller effect is defined as the increase in the equivalent input capacitance of an inverting voltage amplifier due to amplification of the effect of capacitance between input and output terminal.

Miller effect in MOSFET

  • The effect of the miller effect in MOSFET will be like an increase in input capacitance at the input gate caused by the gain of the MOSFET stage.
  • The feedback capacitance comprises the gate to drain capacitance and the added circuit capacitance between the output and input of the MOSFET amplifier stage.
  • It will reduce the gain at the high frequencies.

Miller effect capacitance

  • The miller capacitance due to in-build capacitance between input and output of active devices like MOSFETs, BJT, and IGBT.
  • This must be a major limitation their gain at higher frequency operation lowered.
  • That is the effective capacitance at their input and output due to the miller effect.

Miller effect high-frequency response

  • The miller effect badly affected the gain of the active device at high frequency.
  • This will result from the reduction of the bandwidth of the amplifier.
  • They will restrict the range of operation to lower frequency
  • The tiny junction between the base to the collector at the transistor will increase drastically with the miller effect.

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