MOSFET AC switch

In this post we explain to you about the MOSFET AC switch, we all know MOSFET is called the fastest switching electronic component, and also applications of MOSFET will be mainly based on the switching operation.

But here the case is a little bit different because we are going to check how MOSFET taking over AC and works as a switch for AC.

MOSFET AC switch circuit  

MOSFET AC switch circuit
MOSFET AC switch circuit

The figure shows the MOSFET AC switch basic model circuit, we can see the MOSFETs are connected in series and the Mosfet’s source terminals are been shorted together.

And this particular circuit arrangement will help to keep the body diodes in reverse biased condition.

If the body diode is been in forwarding biased condition, it will block the AC switching operation of the MOSFET.

But we need to keep drain voltage higher than source voltage because that is the specific condition to keep the MOSFET in the AC switch.

Solid-state relay MOSFET

Solid state relay MOSFET
Solid state relay MOSFET

The figure shows the solid-state relay using MOSFET, which is a developed version of MOSFET as a switch.

  • It is a circuit that will work high-power electrical switching that can operate without any mechanical parts.
  • The circuit build with two MOSFETs connected back to back with their source and gate terminals joined in common.
  • We have an input DC supply is been attached across the common gate and source terminals of two MOSFETs.
  • This particular supply will trigger the circuit

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