MOSFET airsoft

Airsoft is an electrical automatic gun used for military games and aiming practices and the MOSFET airsoft means the circuit used at the circuit.

Airsoft MOSFET

  • The MOSFET is a fast switching component at electronic, the super-fast property of MOSFET will be utilized at airsoft guns.
  • The MOSFET is used at the trigger of the airsoft guns, this is due to many reasons such as MOSFET-based airsoft guns not have the arc between the contacts.
  • The trigger at the airsoft guns works by simply touching two metal contacts together when you pull the trigger, this allows the flow of current from the battery to the motor.
  • The MOSFET redirects the current from the battery to go the motor without going through the trigger contact first.
  • The MOSFET airsoft gun has a higher voltage with a higher discharging rate.
  • The MOSFET airsoft has a fast trigger response rate
  • The lower resistance of the MOSFET circuit will lead to a small performance gain in the trigger circuit.

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