MOSFET switching speed

The MOSFET switching speed is the topic we discuss here, the switching process of MOSFET will be always termed as the main operation.

In this article, we explain the factors influencing the MOSFET switching speed and compare the speed of MOSFET with other devices.

Switching speed of MOSFET

When we start discussions about the switching speed of MOSFET, you need to know about the switching operation of the MOSFET.

  • The switching operation at the MOSFET is somewhat so complicated because MOSFET won’t suddenly turn ON or turn OFF at a particular gate voltage.
  • And you can set both switchings that are Turning ON and turning OFF, with what pace.
  • This must be also varied with each MOSFET characteristic.

BJT vs MOSFET switching speed

  • The BJT is faster than MOSFET in most cases, because of the action of capacitance at the junction of MOSFET, the BJT will be faster in switching operation.
  • And also the overall area of MOSFET is higher than BJT, so the charged carriers move faster in BJT than MOSFET.

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