MOSFET voltage divider

In this article we explain to you the MOSFET voltage divider, generally, resistors are been used at voltage divider network to divide the voltages into many pieces.

We are replacing the resistor voltage divider with a MOSFET voltage divider network and also we include what will happen this works in a practical situation.

MOSFET voltage divider circuit

MOSFET voltage divider circuit
MOSFET voltage divider circuit

The figure shows the MOSFET voltage divider network, commonly resistors are been used to make voltage divider networks and the main objective of these circuits is to divide the total voltages into different resistive elements.

  • At this MOSFET voltage divider, the gate to source and drain to source terminals of MOSFET will be responsible for voltage division at the MOSFET.
  • The width and length of the MOSFET channel will be also had a main role in this circuit.
  • But if the power supply variations will badly affect the whole operation of MOSFET.
  • The unequal voltage value will show at MOSFET, this is because of the aspect ratio of each MOSFET at the network.


MOSFET Voltage divider bias 

MOSFET Voltage divider bias
MOSFET Voltage divider bias

The figure shows the MOSFET voltage divider for the biasing process, the voltage divider circuit arrangement is different for each MOSFET.

  • At the depletion type MOSFET, the bias circuit is almost similar to JFETs, the only difference is the depletion type MOSFET operates with a positive power supply value.
  • That is VGS AND ID value exceeds IDSS.
  • The bias arrangement of depletion type and enhancement type MOSFET is almost the same.

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