MPF102 transistor

MPF102 transistor
MPF102 transistor

MPF102 transistor is a JFET transistor component that had more application at very high frequency or VHF circuits, and the MPF102 is an n-channel depletion type junction field-effect transistor (JFET).

MPF102 JFETs are mostly used in communication circuit applications such as radios, the MPF102 transistor is a low power electronic component, and so at applications like antenna preamplifier, the MPF102 transistor had a role to play.

MPF102 transistor features

  • MPF102 is an n-channel depletion type JFET
  • Maximum drain to source voltage (VDS) is 25v
  • Maximum drain to gate voltage (VDG) is 25v
  • Maximum gate to source voltage (VGS) is -25v
  • Peak gate current (IG) is 10mA
  • Power dissipation (Pd) is 350mW
  • Junction temperature (TJ) is 125°C
  • TO-92 Package

MPF102 transistor pinout details

PIN1 Drain
PIN2 Source
PIN3 Gate

MPF102 transistor Package (TO-92)

MPF102 transistor Package
MPF102 transistor Package
  • The package used on the MPF102 JFET is the TO-92, it is a low-cost package mostly used at transistors.
  • Plastic and epoxy are the materials used to build these package.

MPF102 transistor description

The MPF102 is a depletion-type JFET transistor used in applications with very high frequency or VHF.

Maximum drain to source and drain to gate voltages is 25v and the gate to source voltage is at a negative value -25v, the JFET works by controlling the flow of current by the application of a voltage to the gate.

The peak gate current allowed at MPF102 is 10mA, it is the maximum gate current to operate the JFET.

The maximum power dissipation value for MPF102 is 350mW, the package used for this device will be responsible for the dissipation value.

The maximum junction temperature value at MPF102 JFET is 125°C.

MPF102 transistor datasheet

MPF102 datasheet
MPF102 datasheet

if you need more information about the datasheet please click

MPF102 transistor equivalent

The JFET transistor equivalent for MPF102 is NTE457, 2N5458, J113, BF245C, 2N4416, and 2N5640.

The JFET transistors such as NTE457 and 2N5458 are the perfect equivalent for MPF102 because the electrical and pinout specifications of both are the same as MPF102.

The transistor such as J113, BF245C, 2N4416, and 2N5640 had the same pinout details as MPF102, but the electrical characteristics are different, so at the replacement process we need to check and verify it.

mpf102 vs 2n5457


How to use MPF102 JFET transistor

the MPF102 JFET transistor is mainly used for high-frequency applications and communication circuits. I will add one example circuit, it will help for understanding more about mpf102 jfet.

MPF102 transistor preamp

MPF102 preamp
MPF102 preamp

 The figure shows the circuit of the preamplifier using MPF102 JEFT transistor, the preamp circuit consists of few components.

In most of the applications, the MPF102 transistor is used at VHF circuit applications, this preamp circuit is used at FM radio or other higher frequency values.

The working is very simple when the audio signal reaches the gate, the resistor triggers the gate and the MPF102 produce an amplified signal at the output.

Then the audio output will pass over to the main amplifier circuit.

MPF102 transistor uses

  • VHF amplifier circuit
  • Preamplifier circuit
  • Noise cancellation circuit
  • Low-level signal amplifier circuit
  • Sensor circuit
  • Radio antenna amplifier circuit
  • Impedance detector circuit
  • Oscillator circuit
  • Audio mixture circuit

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