Oa79 diode

Oa79 diode
Oa79 diode

The Oa79 diode is a semiconductor device made with germanium Semiconductor material. The germanium device has different electrical characteristics compared to the silicon-based semiconductor.

The applications of Oa79 germanium diode are in special circuits, mostly older electronics circuits use this diode.

oa79 diode full form

this diode has only a value, the ‘o’ stands for germanium

Oa79 diode construction

The construction of the Oa79 diode is made with glass material at the outer portion of the device.

Oa79 polarity

When we consider the polarity of the Oa79 diode, it is the same as a normal diode. The cathode is indicated with a white line at the outer case of the diode.

Oa79 diode datasheet

Maximum reverse voltage = 30v

Repetitive peak voltage = 45v

Forward current (DC) = 35Ma

Repetitive peak forward = 100Ma

Operation ambient temperature = -50 to + 60˚C

Power dissipation = 0.08 watts


Oa79 diode characteristics

The electrical characteristics shown by the Oa79 germanium diode are very much different from silicon diodes because the Oa79 diode has a voltage drop at 0.3v on the circuits.

And the leakage current of the Oa79 diode is larger than the silicon diode at reverse biased conditions.


Oa79 diode equivalent

The equivalent diodes for Oa79 diode are 1N914 and 1N4148

Oa79 diode uses

  • Am detector circuits

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