Relay diode back-EMF

The relay diode back EMF is the topic we are going to explain in this article, we know the relay drivers are the important part at the AC to DC or DC to AC switching circuits, at this application the relays are dealing with high currents, so naturally, a back EMF will products at Relay coils.

In the post, we explain how back EMF products at the circuit and also explain how the freewheel diode or flyback diode suppresses the back EMF.

Relay diode circuit

Relay diode circuit
Relay diode circuit  source 
  • The back EMF is the current generated due to the action of the relay coil, the coil store the energy in the form of the magnetic field.
  • The store current will be freely circulated at the circuit.
  • And also Back EMF will happen due to sudden voltage spikes seen across an inductive load when its supply current is suddenly reduced or interrupts.
  • The diode connected across the relay will suppress the current, which is by providing a low resistance path, which will reroute the current.

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