smps vs transformer
SMPS vs transformer

SMPS and transformer are 2 different power supplies, but the working processes of these circuits are different.

the working of transformer power supply or linear power supply, the first step is to convert the 230 v ac to step down or up using a transformer and then its rectify using any rectifier diode.


but the SMPS is different, it rectifies the 230 volts first and it converts the dc signal to a high-frequency ac signal. after conversion, it will be regulated for the required voltage and current

SMPS vs transformer

head 1 Transformer power supply switched-mode power supply (SMPS)
cost cost is higher for comparing smps switched-mode power supply cost is lower for comparing transformer power supply
size it’s a size bigger compared to SMPS it is smaller
Weight Weight is high is weight less than transformer power supply
efficiency efficiency of transformer power supply is 60 % the efficiency of SMPS is 80 %
circuit Complexity simple circuits and using only a few components complex circuits and using different types of components
Noise transformer power supply has an only small amount of noise the noise is very high
heat it has only less heat because it has using a few components, so do not need any heat sink and another cooling system the SMPS has used different types of semiconductor components, these components need a cooling system ex: heat sink, fan
Voltage regulator some special voltage regulators are used to regulate the voltage some complicated feedback circuit is used to regulate the voltage
Rf protection It does not need any RF protection shield RF shield required
application • Low noise amplifiers • laboratory test equipment • battery charger • used in vehicles • mobile charger • personal computers.


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