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tda2030 equivalent ICs are been explained in this article, in a tda2030 based amplifier circuit sometimes we needed a replacement of TDA2030 with other equivalents amplifier integrated circuits.

In this article, we try to explain some of the amplifier ICs, with a division high power delivering than TDA2030 and low power delivering than TDA2030.

low power than 14w

The first category is lower wattage than tda2030 amplifier output, 14 w is the power delivered by a single tda2030 IC, due to lower power output operating voltage this particular category withstand is under 20volt.

1.tda2030 equivalent tda2002









TDA2002is a power amplifier, include also in the TDA family. It is a class-B amplifier IC, they provide an 8w output at 12v and 6w output at 16v on to a 4ohm load.

The operating voltage we mentioned here is from practical data, for this TDA2002 IC 8W at 14.4v is voltage include in its datasheet.

TDA2002is an amplifier used at low power applications such as television sets, so we can easily replace TDA2030 with this amplifier IC, especially at low power change as the tda2030 equivalent.

2.tda2030 equivalent tda2003 








TDA2003is a low power amplifier, this particular amplifier IC delivers 10w on 12v to 14v operating voltage, and they had a high current output of 3.5A.

The TDA2003 amplifier circuit has mostly a low number of external components, with low harmonic and cross over distortion.

The TDA2003 offer DC and AC short circuit protection system, tda2003 had a peak voltage of over 40volt.

And the application of TDA2003 put forward is mainly on the car radio audio amplifier system and used in television audio section, this IC is a perfect TDA2030 equivalent due to its similarity on the TDA2030 IC.

 3.tda2030 equivalent tda2006







TDA2006is a low power amplifier that delivers 12w on 4ohm load and 8w on the 8-ohm load at the operating voltage of +/- 12v, but in the TDA2006 datasheet, 18voltis mentioned.

Same as TDA2030, the TDA2006 also the class AB amplifier with high current delivering and very low harmonic, cross over distortion.

The applications of TDA2006 amplifier IC are up to the same as TDA2030 have in amplifier circuits, that’s why TDA2006 is been TDA2030 equivalent.

4.tda2030 equivalent tda2008







TDA2008is a power amplifier that is a class B audio amplifier, 12w deliver to 4ohmload with an operating voltage of 12v to 22volt.

The main advantage of TDA2008 is they have a low impedance load (down to 3.2ohm) and capable of delivering 3A output current. Then tda2008 had a low harmonic and cross over distortion.

And the tda2008 based amplifier circuit offer you a low number of external components and used in devices with low wattage such as TV sets, then we can undoubtedly confirm that TDA2008 is a TDA2030 Equivalent on low power application replacements.

higher power than 14w

The second division mentioned is wattage higher than 14w, usually, tda2030 deliver 14w, so we suggest some of the amplifier ICs equivalent to tda2030.

In these suggestions, all of the amplifier ICs are high operating voltage than 20volt and which produce 20w and above.

1.tda2030 equivalent tda2040









TDA2040is HIFI- power amplifier, class AB amplifier same as TDA2030, that they produce a 25w on 4ohm load at +/-17volt and 30w on 4ohm load at +/- 17volt, the operating voltage TDA2040 withstand up to 40volt.

This IC delivers a high current of 4A, they had very low harmonics and low cross over distortion.

Protection system TDA2040 having short circuit protection, both active and passive filter build to control cross over at the TDA2040 IC.

 2.tda2030 equivalent tda2050









TDA2050is a high power amplifier IC, they are class AB amplifier type, produce 32w of power, and deliver 50w power to 4ohm load with 22volt of operating voltage.

Compare TDA2050 with other types, they had a high range of supply voltage and with very low harmonic and cross over distortion.

 3.tda2030 equivalent lm1875









LM1875is a class AB/HIFI power amplifier IC, which delivers 20w into 4ohm load at +/-25volt and 30w into 8ohm load at +/- 30volt and the amplifier had a high current delivering capability up to 4A.

LM1875 has multiple options of protection systems such as; device overload protection, internal current limiting, and thermal shutdown system.

They are designed to stable when operated at a closed-loop gain, this type is the only amplifier IC outside the TDA family, prefer as the TDA2030 equivalent. 

These are the high power suggestions equivalent for TDA2030 amplifier IC, most of the low-powered and high-powered IC mentioned here is at TDA family, so physical property is the same for every type.

When we wish to replace TDA2030 with these amplifier IC, our only concern is about the power supply section, other than that we can say they all are the perfect TDA2030 equivalent.

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