TDA2030 PCB layout making is an important part of PCB designing, we have to consider different factors involved in the PCB layout designing method.


In this article, we try to explain some factors to design TDA2030 IC-based amplifier circuits and also include different types of tda2030 based amplifier circuits and PCB layout with small explanations.


PCB layout in general

PCB layout
PCB layout










PCB layout is the route through which the current is flowing through a particular PCB board, PCB designing is the name of the method involving printed circuit board designed to place the electronic components to make a device.


Traces of copper or copper routing in the PCB board had many important in the whole working of the circuit.


PCB layout of amplifier circuit

PCB layout of the amplifier circuit has to satisfy different important quantities for the proper working of the amplifier, layout design will affect the overall performance of the amplifier.


proper pcb layout is needed due to these reasons

1.    Improper layout design will affect its leakage resistance, voltage drift at the PCB.

2.   Always have a stabilized voltage to produce the correct output signal and try to avoid a ground pin closer to the input pin.

3.   Maintain a low input resistance and block inverted signals.

4.   In high-frequency amplifier PCB help to detect metal fatigue.

5.   PCB layout will help to maintain constant gain at the circuit.


Types of amplifier pcb layout

1.   The small amplifier is under 20watts

2.   The mini amplifier of between 20w to 50w

3.   Power amplifier 100 watt

4.   A high audio amplifier >100watt


tda2030 pcb layout

TDA2030 PCB layout of different circuits are included, TDA2030 is a class AB amplifier, and this will indicate that the tda2030 PCB layout will have to overcome cross over distortion.


And commonly amplifier PCB layout is also essential to increase the amplitude of the signals to maintain on different frequencies.


different tda2030 pcb layout

1.  14w single tda2030 amplifier pcb layout

14w single tda2030 based amplifier is termed as the single power supply based amplifier, it will indicate that the amplifier circuit having +VE supply and ground power ports.


Compare to other circuits, this is a tiny PCB at design, minimum electronic components are required, this is the reason why we design a tiny PCB layout for the tda2030 amplifier.


single supply tda2030 amplifier pcb layout
single supply tda2030 amplifier pcb layout




tda2030 amplifier pcb layout
tda2030 amplifier pcb layout


tda2030 amplifier pcb layout top
tda2030 amplifier pcb layout top






























2.   14w dual power tda2030 amplifier pcb layout

14w dual power tda2030 based amplifier is also more similar to the single power supply, but specialty about the dual power supply is they had +VE, -VE and ground ports, so this will help them at separate amplification on +VE and –VE half cycles with common ground.


We mentioned earlier, dual and single power supply amplifier is more similar, variations in PCB design is not so much, an extra power supply port is add-in dual power supply PCB layout, even component used is the same on both.


dual power tda2030 amplifier pcb layout
dual power tda2030 amplifier pcb layout
dual power tda2030 amplifier pcb top
dual power tda2030 amplifier pcb top


14w dual power tda2030 amplifier pcb top
14w dual power tda2030 amplifier pcb top

3. tda2030 stereo amplifier PCB layout

14w tda2030 based stereo amplifier, circuit wise dual power supply amplifier is similar but 14w watt output on both output loads separately.


A stereo amplifier is a combination of two identical amplifiers traced in a PCB layout, both of the circuits have separate dual power supply connections at the PCB layout.


 4.   tda2030 bridge amplifier pcb layout – 35 w

35w tda2030 based bridge amplifier is high power rated amplifier that is possible by combining two TDA2030 amplifier ICs in a circuit and this particular connection is known as a bridge.


The output of the bridge amplifier is the addition of two tda2030 amplifier outputs wattages.


Typically the PCB layout is big and complicated, many PCB layouts available on the internet are not properly working, but we put forward a tiny PCB layout that is completely tested and verified.


 5.  tda2030 with transistor PCB layout

The specialty of this particular circuit is, they have an extra component transistor with TDA2030.

The power delivery of this transistor-based circuit is higher, due to two stages of amplification is happened at the circuit.


PCB layout of this circuit is complicated, so an extra bit of verification is needed on this project because many more quantities have to satisfy on the transistor-based amplifier.


6.   tda2030 120w bridge amplifier pcb layout

120W TDA2030 bridge amplifier is also a transistor-based amplifier circuit, needs to consider while we make a transistor-based amplifier that is variations that happened at input and output power due to transistor resistance.


The transistor resistance issue also appears at the previous type, but the quantity of resistance is lower, here in this type 4 transistors are used, so the transistor resistance it offers is higher, it is sometimes necessary to modify the PCB layout which is for to resist the physical requirement.


We know the 120-watt bridge appears more complicated, so we need fair testing of the PCB layout designing and verification.


The PCB layout we produced here is fairly designed and make PCB boards and check the amplifier circuit properly.


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