TDA2030 based stereo amplifier circuit is the same circuit explained in the TDA2030 datasheet, we know the mono amplifier included on the TDA2030 datasheet will be a 14watt amplifier, here in this we have two such circuits that need to combine to form a stereo dual-channel amplifier circuit.


The stereo amplifiers are the combinations of two mono amplifier boards, then we need to have two input signals for both the channels such as left and right, signals for two of the channels must be different, now a day’s stereo based audio signals are very common.


The stereo amplifier amplifies both the signals and passes towards two speakers, we named as the left channel and right channel, TDA2030 amplifier IC are commonly used ones usually at large amplifier boards, we have different options to modify TDA2030 boards, for high and low wattage applications.


TDA2030 IC 











TDA2030 IC is a class AB amplifier, so the efficiency must be at a moderate level, advantages of class A and class B amplifiers are combined at this amplifier IC, the tda2030 amplifier IC produces 14watt power, operating voltage up-to 36volt may have to provide towards TDA2030.


Usually, 12v and 28v are provided the IC, 12w of power produced on 4Ω and 8watt on an 8Ω are the general load and power production, we setting for amplifier boards.


It is a high current and very low harmonic amplifier ICs, TDA2030 has different protection systems such as, short circuit protection, thermal shut down system and automatically limiting the dissipated power.


The main advantage of the class AB amplifier over other amplifier is its low cross over distortion, this function is included in the TDA2030, but the circuit designing of the TDA2030 amplifier must have to support the cross over distortion lowering function.


tda2030 stereo amplifier Circuit explanation


tda2030 stereo amplifier circuit
tda2030 stereo amplifier circuit

































The TDA2030 stereo amplifier circuit is based on a dual power supply, TDA2030 IC is an op-amp component, specifically named as non-inverting.

TDA2030 is a 5 pin amplifier IC, 1st pin is input, 2nd pin termed as non-inverting terminal, 4th pin is output and power supply pins 5th is +VE and 3rd is –VE pin.



tda2030 stereo amplifier Right channel

When an audio signal is given to its input, we have a C2 capacitor for bypassing purposes and a resistor R2 for setting up the input impedance.


After amplification TDA2030 produces an output signal and such an audio output passes into output, here we have an R3 resistor for negative feedback and R1 to form a voltage divider network, then the C1 capacitor bypasses filtered negative voltage.


At the output section, we have an R4 resistor and C3 capacitor network for protection against oscillated high-frequency signals produced at the circuit.


tda2030 stereo amplifier Left channel


We just explained a single channel of a TDA2030 stereo amplifier, so the same theory behind the right channel is repeated at the left channel.


The capacitor C5 bypasses filtered and R6 resistor setting up the impedance, R7 resistor is for setting up feedback and R5 is to form a voltage divider.


Capacitor C4 bypasses filtered negative voltage, and in an output section we have an R8 resistor and C6 capacitor network is for protection against the oscillated high-frequency signal.


The stereo amplifier is the combination of these left and right channels, in this circuit, we have a TDA2030 amplifier IC, so each of the boards produces 14-watt audio output.


tda2030 stereo amplifier PCB layout


In this article we include PCB layouts of the TDA2030 stereo amplifier circuit, when we consider the stereo amplifier layouts they are larger PCB tracks and double the components arranges towards the board.


tda2030 stereo amplifier pcb
tda2030 stereo amplifier pcb


tda2030 stereo amplifier pcb top
tda2030 stereo amplifier pcb top


tda2030 stereo amplifier pcb top mirror
tda2030 stereo amplifier pcb top mirror


tda2030 stereo amplifier pcb
tda2030 stereo amplifier pcb






















































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