tda2030 subwoofer amplifier circuit diagram

on the internet, we are searching the tda2030 subwoofer amplifier circuit diagram, but the top 10 results we get only the tda2030 bridge circuit. normally subwoofer amplifiers have two sections, the first section is the low pass filter, and the second is the amplifier section.

so I have decided to make a perfect subwoofer amplifier using tda2030. first, we need a low pass filter and tda2030 amplifier circuit, but with a lot of different circuits available, we need the perfect one.


so my team is researching the best one, then we get the circuit. that circuits are explained and tested in Below

tda2030 subwoofer amplifier

tda2030 subwoofer amplifier
tda2030 subwoofer amplifier

all subwoofer amplifiers need a powerful amplifier section for smooth bass.

tda2030 has a different variety of mode amplifier circuits are available, but I have to choose a single tda2030 14w amplifier circuit. it is enough for this subwoofer.

tda2030 subwoofer amplifier working

this subwoofer amplifier is working on a dual power supply. this circuit is powered on a 12-0-12 3 amp transformer.

the c5 capacitor is used to block unwanted dc signal from the input source.

r6 and c6 are used to suppress the noise in the input signal.

the r7 resistor is called a feedback resistor, this resistor used to control the gain.


ne5532 subwoofer filter circuit

ne5532 subwoofer filter circuit
ne5532 subwoofer filter circuit


this circuit has produced, only the bass. so all subwoofer need this circuit, the circuit is known as a low pass filter.

this low pass filter circuit working on a 12 -0-12 dual power supply. so we need extra power supply arrangements for this filter section.


I have used 7812 and 7912 regulator ic for getting the 12-volt power.

ne5532 opamp ic is used in the low pass circuit.

Ne5532 pinout

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 OUTPUTA Output of Op-Amp A
2 INPUTA- Inverting Input of Op-Amp A
3 INPUTA+ Non-Inverting Input of Op-Amp A
4 VEE,GND Ground or Negative Supply Voltage
5 INPUTB+ Non-Inverting Input of Op-Amp B
6 INPUTB- Inverting Input of Op-Amp B
7 OUTPUTB Output of Op-Amp B
8 VCC Positive Supply Voltage



tda2030 subwoofer amplifier circuit diagram

tda2030 subwoofer amplifier circuit diagram
tda2030 subwoofer amplifier circuit diagram

In this circuit, we have to combine the lowpass filter and tda2030 amplifier, so it is working as a subwoofer amplifier.


you need an audio jack for the audio input. you can connect audio sources from a different source.

rv2 and rv1 are used to control the volume.


this subwoofer amplifier circuit needs 2 different volt power supplies. the tda2030 amplifier work on +- 22 volts and the low pass filter circuit work on +- 12 volts. so you need to split the power supply.


I had suggested a voltage regulator, it is used to regulate the 22 volts to 12 volts.

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