TDA2030 vs LA4440

TDA2030 vs LA4440 IC are the topic to compare both IC, and they will be considered as the most familiar ICs used by amplifier board developers, in this article we try to compare both TDA2030 amplifier IC and LA4440 amplifier IC types and also include suggestions to make suitable applications for implementing such ICs in a circuit board.


Basic difference

Start comparing TDA2030 IC vs LA4440 IC both amplifier segments have a crucial difference that is TDA2030 produce mono signal but LA4440 ICs are stereo amplifiers.


LA4440 amplifier ICs used as a stereo amplifier or bridge amplifier applications, in case of double the wattage power by bringing process, minimal circuit variations are needed, but we consider the case of a TDA2030 IC, modification of mono circuit into stereo circuit need a large circuit arrangement.


Power supplies

When we consider the power supply voltage range and power supply construction, TDA2030 IC had a 36-volt maximum input and at LA4440 this the maximum will be 25 volts.


tda2030 vs la4440












In the case of the TDA2030 mono amplifier single power supply, dual power supply connection variations are spotted but, at LA4440 stereo amplifier IC there is only one power supply construction, it is the dual power supply which contains positive, negative and ground.


Protection systems

When we consider about protection system implementation at two amplifier ICs, short circuit protection and the thermal protection included in TDA2030 IC, but when we consider a LA4440 IC, overvoltage, surge voltage protection and pin to pin short circuit protection are the measures at it, this indicates that LA4440 IC is the advanced amplifier IC type.


Distortion property variations

Another property is the distortion range, in both cases that range is low distortions, but for TDA2030 IC it is low distortions over a wide range of low-frequency signals only but in LA4440 ICs, low distortion range over both the low frequency and high-frequency signals.


Power delivering and circuit types

Dealing with the comparison of two amplifier ICs, wattage output is important, TDA2030 IC delivery a 14w power at the output by the individual TDA 2030. But TDA2030 have many possible circuit combination to double power delivering like 35-watt bridge amplifier, TDA2030 amplifier with output driving transistor with PCB board and 120w TDA2030 bridge amplifier with   PCB board.


Basically, LA4440 ICs are stereotype amplifiers, they have 2 channels, that’s the reason why we took LA4440 as bridge and stereo amplifiers.


LA4440 IC delivers 6w x 2 power for stereo circuit and 19w output for bridge amplifier.

tda2030 vs la4440















In conclusion, we try to point out some reasons to replace both ICs with each other, which we mentioned earlier TDA2030 IC are mono amplifier and LA4440 IC are stereotypes but, we have combinations to make mono TDA2030 into stereo or bridge amplifier board, at these conditions circuit is become bigger and complex, at the same time LA4440 ICs circuit seems smaller, at stereo and bridge circuits.


Consider the application of  LA4440 IC, it is far better than TDA2030 IC, because low and high frequencies of the signals are equally possible to reduce distortion, this is not possible at TDA2030 ICs.


But in case of output power TDA2030, IC is better than LA4440 IC because the operating voltage for LA4440 is 18v and current output is limited to 2amps, but  TDA2030 IC operates at 15v volt but they produce 3.5amps current when we calculate the product TDA2030 IC generates high power output.

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