TDA2030 vs TPA3116

Amplifier circuit board makers always had a concern about to select the proper amplifier boards for a particular application, Integrated circuit-based amplifier is very common these days.


Here in this article, we present you two different amplifier ICs and a brief comparison of both, TDA2030 most common amplifier IC used at large and small amplifier applications, and then, TPA3116 it’s the advanced class D amplifier IC.


COMPARE TDA2030 vs TPA3116

TDA2030 and TPA3116 are the amplifier ICs widely used for various applications, when we consider the case of TDA2030 amplifier ICs, they are a class AB type mono amplifier.










At the same time, TPA3116 are a class D type stereo amplifier, class AB and class D are a much different variant, TDA2030 class AB output is analog signal output, but TPA3116 class D will deliver much more digitalized signal.


Voltage Range

Operating voltage ranges of both the amplifier ICs are high, TDA2030 had 18volt to 36 volt supply range and TPA3116 ICs have a range of 4.5volt to 26volt, this is the reason why tda2030 and tpa3116 ICs are termed as the HIFI/ POWER amplifier.


Current delivering


We know amplifier gain power to deliver amplified output by higher two quantities, which is voltage and current, in case of voltage we don’t have any influence to increase, but the product of current at the circuit will have to change.


In TDA2030 amplifier IC produces a 3A of current at its output which is a higher current rating in terms of an amplifier board, but in TPA3116 current rating is 4A, that’s higher than tda2030.


Number of pins

For the tda2030 IC, we have only 5pins, at the same time tpa3116 amplifier IC has 32 pins.


Protection circuits

 Both of these amplifier ICs ensure multiple numbers of protection systems, TDA2030 amplifier IC having short circuit protection to ground, thermal shut down and auto limiting the dissipated power.


TPA3116 IC put forward more protection systems than TDA2030 like integrated self-protection circuit including over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, DC detection, and short circuit with error reporting.


output power

When we consider the TPA3116 IC, it is a stereo amplifier component, so they are capable of producing 2*50w into the 4-ohm load at an operating voltage of 21volts.


But TDA2030 had 14w into 4ohm at +/-14v or 28volt

12w into 4ohm load and

8w into 8ohm load;

Power supply

The power supply used at both amplifier IC are much different from each other, because of the change in amplifier type, TPA3116 is a class D amplifier, it’s circuits are more integrated, so the power supply used in its circuit is programmable, the voltage regulators have been integrated are sized only to provide the current necessary to proves the internal circuit.


They are capable of providing a high voltage between 4.5v and 26v, supply analog circuit (AVCC), and the power stage (PVCC).


And the TDA2030 IC provides a non-regulated supply, thus we use a simple full-wave rectifier followed by a capacitor filter, but we don’t use regulated components at the power supply section because we use the dimensioning of the signal for the output.


 Special features


The TPA3116 class D amplifier IC had more capabilities such as; they are capable of limiting idle loss (loss occurs when the system is in idle condition), heat sink size of these boards are smaller, and also overall components used at the circuit is very limited and the frequency tpa3116 withstand up to 1.2MHZ.


TDA2030 amplifier IC had a multiway speaker system, it provides us the best possible acoustic performance and also tda2030 designed to handle limited ranges of frequency.


TDA2030 produces low harmonic and low cross over distortion.


TDA2030 feedback

The amplifier circuit having negative feedback, here tda2030 amplifier board having feedback, which the feedback amplifier receivers and input signal that rises very steeply .i.e. contain high frequency.



When we come across amplifiers efficiency must be a factor, tpa3116 amplifier IC attains 90% power efficiency, this is the main advantage of a class Damplifier, but we consider the TDA2030 amplifier IC, efficiency must be limited to 75% mark.


TPA3116 amplifier IC

1.Automotive audio system

2.Emergency call system

3.Driver notifications


1.   Large automotive system

2.   Home audio system 

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