TDA2040 ic

TDA2040 ic is a class AB amplifier IC which is also called a hi-fi power amplifier component, the maximum power TDA2040 produce is around 30watts, the TDA2040 has a maximum current capacity of 4A.

The TDA2040 had very low harmonic distortion and cross-over distortion, then TDA2040 is made with a short circuit protection system.

TDA2040 ic Pinout


 The number of pins at the TDA2040 ICs is 5, and the tab or case connected to pin3

PIN NUMBER Pin specification
Pin1 Non-inverting input
Pin2 Inverting input
Pin3 -ve power supply pin or -Vs
Pin4 Output
Pin5 +ve power supply pin or +Vs
Tab or case It is the called 6th pin for this amplifier component, connected to pin3 as grounded


TDA2040 ic Package

TDA2040 ic Package
TDA2040 ic Package

The package used at the TDA2040 is Pentawatt or also called the zig-zag inline package, the name is due to the pin arrangement at the package.

In the figure above we can see each 5pins are at two different rows, this packaging method is very useful when we use the TDA2040 on printed boards.

High power applications like amplifier ICs used these package, at the Pentawatt package we can see a hole for attaching it with the heat sink. 

tda2040 datasheet

TDA2040 specifications

  • The voltage supply range (Vs) is ± 4.5v to ± 20v or 5v to ± 40v
  • Peak current range (ip) is 4A
  • Power dissipation (Pd) is 25W
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) or (d) is 05 to 0.08%
  • Quiescent drain current (Id) is 40 to 60mA
  • Efficiency for TDA2040 is 66%
  • Junction temperature range (TJ) is -40 to 150°C
  • Output power (PO)  
PO = 25w @ d= 0.5%, VS= ±17v, RL= 4Ω

PO = 30w @ d= 10%, Vs = ±17v, RL= 4Ω

PO = 9w @ d= 0.5%, Vs = ±14v, RL = 8Ω


TDA2040 amplifier IC description

TDA2040 amplifier ICs are one of the power amplifier components used at Hi-fi amplifier circuits, maximum voltage capacity for the IC is indicated with the name TDA2040v.

But at the TDA2040 datasheet the voltage range starts from ±4.5v to ±20v, this voltage range is commonly used at TDA2040 based amplifier circuits.

The peak output current at TDA2040 is 4A, it is the maximum output current handle by the amplifier component and the Quiescent drain current, it is called the standby current which is produced at the amplifier on idle condition, at TDA2040 it is 40 to 60mA.

And the total power dissipation at the TDA2040 amplifier IC is noted as 25w, the capacity of power dissipation almost depends on package usage.

Total harmonic distortion (THD) at TDA2040 is at a range of 0.05 to 0.08%, generally, class AB amplifier had a moderate range of harmonic distortion at circuits.

 The output power range for a single TDA2040 amplifier IC is noted as 30w, but this wattage output value depends on different aspects such as supply voltage, distortion range, and the speaker load or output load.

TDA2040 amplifier ICs replacement

The replacement amplifier ICs for TDA2040 will be TDA2030, TDA2050, and LM1875.

The three amplifiers ICs listed here as the replacement for TDA2040 is identical with each other, the Pinout details are the same but the overall electrical specifications are different so check and verify the values before the replacement process.

TDA2040 single-supply amplifier

TDA2040 single-supply amplifier
TDA2040 single-supply amplifier

The circuit given above is the circuit for a single-supply amplifier based on TDA2040, the power supply given to the circuit only has +ve supply or +Vs and ground.

When the audio signal reaches the input the C1 capacitor bypasses the DC and passes the signal to the input, the R1 resistor is used for biasing the non-inverting input.

The R2 and R3 resistors are used for gain setting for the amplifier, and the tda2040 produce an amplified output and the R4 and C7 are used for maintaining the frequency stability.

TDA2040 bridge amplifier circuit

TDA2040 bridge amplifier circuit
TDA2040 bridge amplifier circuit

The figure above shows the bridge amplifier using TDA2040, it is a dual or split power supply-based amplifier circuit.

The audio signal reaches the amplifier circuit, the bridge connected TDA2040 have more common components for non-inverting biasing, gain setting, the audio signal on to the first TDA2040 amplifier IC and combined operations of both TDA2040 make a 30watt output.

TDA2040 amplifier circuit

TDA2040 amplifier circuit
TDA2040 amplifier circuit

The figure shows the amplifier circuit using TDA2040 as an amplification component, the dual power supply is used to power the circuit, which consists of +ve supply, -ve supply, and ground.

 The C1 capacitor is used bypass DC and R1 resistor is used as the biasing component for the non-inverting section, the R3, and R2 resistor is the feedback element which is used for gain setting.

The C5 and C4 capacitors are used to supply voltage bypassing on both +ve and –ve supply voltages.

At the output, we have an R4 resistor and C3 capacitor for maintaining the frequency stability of the amplifier circuit.

 This TDA2040 amplifier circuit is capable of producing 25watt power at the output.

TDA2040 amplifier ic Applications

  • Amplifier circuits at TV sets
  • The amplifier on PC speakers
  • Bluetooth speaker amplifier
  • An active hi-fi speaker system        

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