TDA7266D amplifier ic

TDA7266D is a class AB type amplifier IC, it is a dual bridge amplification component, and the TDA7266D based amplifier boards are used at LCD TVs, monitors, and PC motherboards.

TDA7266d is a surface mount IC, it is a medium power amplification component that has high power dissipation, and TDA7266D has built with multiple built-in functions.  


PIN NUMBER Pin name Pin description
Pin1 PW-GND Power ground
Pin2 OUTPUT 1(+) Non-inverting Output for amplifier1
Pin3 N.C No-connection
Pin4 N.C No-connection
Pin5 OUTPUT 1 (-) Inverting output for amplifier 1
Pin6 Vcc Power supply
Pin7 INPUT 1 Input for amplifier 1
Pin8 MUTE Mute function
Pin9 ST/BY Standby function
Pin10 PW-GND Power ground
Pin11 PW-GND Power ground
Pin12 N.C No connection
Pin13 SGND
Pin14 INPUT 2 (-) Non-inverting input for amplifier 2
Pin 15 Vcc Power supply
Pin16 OUTPUT 2 (-) Non-inverting Output for amplifier2
Pin17 N.C No-connection
Pin18 N.C No-connection
Pin19 OUTPUT 2 (+) Inverting output for amplifier 2
Pin20 PW-GND Power ground


TDA7266D Package

TDA7266D Package
TDA7266D Package

The package used for the surface mount TDA7266D is POWER SO, it is a surface mount amplifier IC package that has more applications modern amplifier circuits.

As the POWER SO is a surface mount package, they had heavier power dissipation and high current capacity, the thermal capacity and compatibility are better at this amplifier IC package.

At the modern amplifier boards like LCD and LED TVs, monitors, and audio systems are mostly the surface mount type PCB, so the POWER SO is a very good option in these situations.

TDA7266D amplifier ic specification

  • Maximum voltage range (Vs) is 20v
  • Operating voltage range (VS) is ±3.5v to ±12v
  • Peak current range (ip) is 5A
  • Power dissipation (Pd) is 25W
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) or (d) is 1%
  • Quiescent drain current (Id) is 50 to 60mA
  • Junction temperature range (TJ) is -40 to 150°C
  • Voltage gain (dB) is 27dB
  • No bootstrap
  • No boucherot cells
  • Internally fixed gain
  • Standby & mute function
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • No SVR capacitor
  • Output power (PO)

                         PO = 5w @ THD= 10%, RL= 4Ω

                         PO = 5w x 5w @ THD= 10%, Vcc= 9.5v, RL= 8Ω

TDA7266D amplifier ic datasheet

TDA7266D datasheet
TDA7266D datasheet

TDA7266D datasheet

TDA7266D description

TDA7266D is a dual bridge amplifier IC, technically it is a surface mount component that has been used on LCD TV monitors, PC motherboards, TV, and portable audio applications.

The peak voltage rated at this amplifier IC is 20v, it is the voltage value afforded on the amplification component.

 The operating voltage range on the TDA7266D starts at ±3.5 to ±12v, this is the voltage value that is needed to operate the IC in aboard.

The peak current value at TDA7266D is 1.5A, it is the current capacity of the device, and the quiescent drain current of TDA7266D starts at 50 to 60mA, it is called the amount of current consumption when the TDA7266D IC is in standby condition.

The total power dissipation capacity of the TDA7266d is 25w, the power dissipation capacity is the amount of power dissipated on it, and the component package had the main role to play at the power dissipation value.

The total harmonic distortion (THD) or (d) value at a TDA7266D IC is 1%, but the distortion is dependent on different factors like the voltage, frequency, and output produced.

TDA7266D amplifier IC is a modern electronic component used at advanced audio systems, so naturally, the functions and protection systems used at the device enormous such as NO SVR capacitor, NO bootstrap, NO boucherot cells, internally fixed gain, standby, and mute function, short circuit function and thermal overload protection.

The voltage gain of an amplification component is very important, so at TDA7266d it is 27dB, the output power produced by a TDA7266D is 5W, and the power value is dependent on different aspects such as frequency, distortion, output load, and operating voltage range.

TDA7266D amplifier

TDA7266D amplifier
TDA7266D amplifier

The figure shows the stereo amplifier circuit at the TDA7266d datasheet, we can see it is a model circuit for a professional amplifier board.

The TDA7266D IC consist of two in-built dual bridge amplifier, both of them have separate input ports and output.

When two separate signal reaches the circuit, two-section bridge amplifier amplifies the signal and passes over to the output speaker.

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