TDA7269A is a monolithic hi-fi amplifier IC, technically it is a class AB type amplification component, and the TDA7269A has a dual audio amplifier section.

It is known as the power amplifier due to its high power output and high current capacity, at the amplifier IC multiple functions will be in-build and we can use the TDA7269A as bridge and stereo amplifier circuits.


PIN NUMBER Pin name Pin description
Pin1 -VS Negative supply
Pin2 Output 1 Output of amp 1
Pin3 +Vs Positive supply
Pin4 Output 2 Output of amp 2
Pin5 Mute Mute
Pin6 -Vs Negative supply
Pin7 Input 2 (+) Non-inverting input of amp 2
Pin8 Input 2 (-) Inverting input of amp 2
Pin9                    GND GND
Pin10 Input 1 (-) Inverting input of amp 1
Pin11 Input 1 (+) Non-inverting input of amp 1
Tab or case Tab is connected to pin6 for grounding


TDA7269A Package

TDA7269A Package
TDA7269A Package

The package used at TDA7269A is the multiwatt11 package TDA7269A is a dual audio amplifier IC so naturally, and they have high power output.

The multiwatt11 package is generally an enlarged version of Pentawatt, the 11 indicate the total pin at the IC. 

 The zig-zag inline is the pin arrangement pattern used at the TDA7269A, this particular arrangement help for a much easier attachment to the printed board.

The multiwatt11 package has a metal-based portion with a hole, this helps the component to attach it with the heat sink.

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TDA7269A specification

  • Peak voltage range (Vs) is 22v
  • Peak operating voltage range (VS) is ±5v to ±20v
  • Peak current range (ip) is 3A
  • Power dissipation (Pd) is 40W
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) or (d) is 7%
  • Quiescent drain current (Id) is 60 to 100mA
  • Junction temperature range (TJ) is -40 to 150°C
  • Voltage gain (dB) is 80dB
  • POP noise free on turn ON/OFF
  • Short circuit protection to ground
  • Thermal overload protection
  • .0/ Output power (PO)
  1. PO = 14w @ THD= 10%, Vs= ±12.5v, RL = 8Ω
  2. PO = 10w @ THD= 10%, Vs= ±12.5v, RL= 4Ω
  3. PO = 11w @ THD= 1%, Vs= ±12.5v, RL=8Ω
  4. PO = 7.5w @ THD = 1%, Vs= ±12.5v, RL= 4Ω
  5.  PO = 14w + 14w @ THD = 10%, Vs= ±16v, RL= 8Ω

TDA7269A description

TDA7269A is a hi-fi amplifier IC, it has a built-in dual audio system, the TDA7269A has more applications on the high-end stereo system such as car seats and TV sets.

The maximum voltage value affordable on the TDA7269A amplifier IC is 22v and the operating voltage range is ±5v to ±20v, this is the range of voltage we need to set for the amplifier board using TDA7269A.

The maximum current rated at the TDA7269a is 3A, this is the peak current value afforded by the IC, and the quiescent drain current value for this IC is 60-100mA, it is the current value consume at amplifier is at standby condition.

The power dissipation capacity of the TDA7269A is 40w, it is a dual audio high power amplifier IC, due to the application the package is designed for capable of affording more power.

The total harmonic distortion (THD) value on TDA7269A is 0.7%, the distortion value is depended on different aspects such as frequency, power output, and load.

 TDA7269A IC has more functions and protection systems such as POP noise-free operation on ON/ OFF conditions, short circuit protection, thermal overload protection, and has an in-build mute function.

 TDA7269A Amplifier IC has a voltage gain value of 80dB and the output power given by TDA7269A is dependent on different electrical specifications.

TDA7269A have maximum output power value of 14w, both the amplifier section has produced this value of power

And also the variations on the output power depending on different aspects such as operating voltage value, frequency, harmonic distortion, and output load.

TDA7269A Equivalent

Setting perfect equivalent amplifier IC for TDA7269A is always a difficult task, the ICs such as TDA7269 and TDA7265.

Both the amplifier IC on this list is a stereo dual audio system, the electrical characteristics need to cross-check and verify before the replacement process.

TDA7269A amplifier

TDA7269A amplifier
TDA7269A amplifier

The figure shows the stereo amplifier circuit using dual audio IC TDA7269A, one of the specialties of this circuit is the less number of components is needed to build such a stereo amplifier circuit.

The resistors such as R1, R2, R3, and R4, then Dz diode is used for the mute operation at the TDA7269A amplifier IC.

The C1 and C2 capacitors are for input DC decoupling, C4, C6, and C5, C7 capacitors are for the supply voltage bypass at each section of the stereo amplifier.

And at the output we have R7, R10 resistors, and C8, C9 capacitors are used for maintaining the frequency stability on the output signal.

Both the amplifiers at the TDA7269A produce an equal amount of output power at both stereo sections and pass over to output load.

TDA7269A bridge amplifier

TDA7269A bridge amplifier
TDA7269A bridge amplifier

The figure shows the bridge amplifier circuit using TDA7269A, at the system had an in-build dual audio amplifier system.

The C1 is used for DC decoupling of the first master amplifier and at the same time the second slave amplifier input is grounded and then the master amplifier passes the audio signal through the feedback network into the salve amplifier.

This is the overall working of a bridge amplifier, and at the output speaker load, both the signals from amplifier 1 and amplifier 2 are been combined.

TDA7269A Power supply 

TDA7269A Power supply 
TDA7269A Power supply

 The operating voltage value range at TDA7269A is ±5v to 20v, so we need an 18-0-18/ 2amp 18v AC transformer that is perfect for the power supply, and we need a bridge rectifier IC and a filter section.

At the power supply output, 20v is needed for the TDA7269A based amplifier power supply section.

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