The TDA7297 is a common dual bridge amplifier IC, they had a wide range of applications in sound systems such as television boards and PC amplifier boards. In this post, we properly explain important information’s about the TDA7297 datasheet. 

The discussion of the TDA7297 datasheet useful for those who work with amplifier boards using TDA7297 amplifier IC, in this article we include information’s about the TDA7297 amplifier IC from our experience.


TDA7297 Pinout

TDA7297 Pinout
TDA7297 Pinout


Pin01 – Output 1(+) – Channel 1 non-inverting output

Pin02 – Output 2 (-) – Channel 1 inverting output

Pin03/Pin13 – VCC – Supply voltage

Pin04 – Input1 – Channel 1 input

Pin05 – No connection

Pin06 – Mute – Can be used to mute the output

Pin07 – Standby – Put IC on standby when not used to save battery charge

Pin08 – Ps (GND) – Ground terminal of power supply

Pin09 – S (GND) – Ground terminal of audio (signal)

Pin10/Pin11 – No connection

Pin12 – Input2 – Channel input 2

Pin14 – Output 2(-) – Channel 2 inverting output

Pin15 – Output 2(+) – Channel 1 non-inverting output


TDA7297 Datasheet electrical characteristics


  1. TDA7297 voltage

The supply voltage range of the TDA7297 amplifier IC device is started from 6v to 18volts.


  1. Output peak current

The maximum current at the TDA7297 device is 2 ampere


  1. Total power dissipation(70˚C)

The total power dissipation of TDA7297 IC is around 33w, (it is the ability of an IC to dissipate the heat dissipate in it)


  1. Operating temperature range of TDA7297 = 0 to 200˚C


  1. Storage and junction temperature = -40 to +150˚C


  1. Total harmonic distortion (THD)

It is a very important term consider at the amplifier because it is the value that indicates (how much of the distortion of a voltage or current is due to harmonics in signal), based on TDA7297 datasheet for Po-1w = 0.3% and Po- 0.2w to 5w = 1% THD.


  1. Input impedance = 30kΩ


  1. Load impedance = 8Ω


  1. TDA7297 Output power

The maximum output power generated by TDA7297 is 15w+15w on the dual bridged amplifier.

  • 15w + 15w into 8Ω at 10% 1khz distortion with 5v supply
  • 8w + 8w into 8Ω at 10% 1khz distortion with 12v supply


  1. Maximum closed loop voltage gain = 32dB


  1. RMS value = 8W at 1% distortion


TDA7297 Amplifier circuit

The TDA7297 datasheet suggests two amplifier circuits based on microprocessor applications and low-cost applications, both these circuits will enhance standby and mute function at the TDA7297 amplifier IC.


Microprocessor application circuit

Microprocessor application circuit
Microprocessor application circuit

Low-cost application circuit

Low-cost application circuit
Low-cost application circuit

The pop-noise during turn ON/OFF transitions, quite simply obtains this function using a microprocessor, and TDA7297 amplifier IC has in build mute and stability function.


Working principle

The microprocessor-based and low-cost TDA7297 IC-based amplifier circuit has the same working operation, so we just explain some components functions at this circuit.

The bypass capacitors such as C1 and C2 or C5 and C6 for microprocessor version used to bypasses the signal towards the device, the C3 and C5 are the protection components that DC voltage offset from reaching your power source.

For the low-cost application, we need a couple of resistor R1 and R2 to be used to make a voltage divider network to generate a half supply voltage to apply to standby and mute pins, and also a C4 capacitor charged by this voltage divider network.


TDA7297 Power supply

For the power supply circuit needs for datasheet-based amplifier circuit and other accustomed amplifier circuits, we suggest a power supply circuit.


The power supply circuit suggestion is based on the transformer, you can make SMPS based power source but the rating will be fixed by the power you need from the amplifier circuit.


A 12v AC/50VA transformer is recommended, to get 17V AC, at the regulator section (LM338T) voltage regulator is needed to get 3A of current.


You can use the SMPS circuit for some applications, with these power supply ratings.



The need for a heatsink for TDA7297 is a must, the TDA7297 datasheet suggests that do not run this amplifier circuit without a heat sink, it will get extremely hot and shut down.

And also need a line of thermal paste of decreasing the effect of temperature at the TDA7297, the screwing of the heatsink must use extra pressure.


Key features of TDA7297

  • Wide range of supply voltage
  • Minimum external components
  • Standby and mute functions
  • Short circuit protection system
  • Thermal overload protection system
  • It is a class AB amplifier type


Applications of TDA7297

  • Designed for TV and radio sets
  • Portable amplifier applications
  • Home theater amplifier circuits
  • PC speaker

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