Tda7388 circuit diagram

TDA7388 IC is a class ab amplifier, because of its features and 4 outputs-based arrangement, this particular amplifier IC had more popularity. Are you planning to make a 2.1, this IC will be the perfect option. TDA7388 based amplifier circuit is very simple and only uses very few numbers of components, so you can simply build it at home.

Tda7388 IC

Tda7388 is a popular class ab amplifier IC that has 25 pins. The tda7388 will produce 4 outputs, its power is 25 watt at 14.4v. This IC has applications in car amplifier systems and Also, this IC can have the ability to produce low noise, and low DISTORTION is the specialty and the output noise level and only very few components will be required to build an amplifier circuit.

TDA7388 IC pinout

The tda7388 is a 25 pin Flexi watt 25 amplifier IC. This IC has 4 input pins and 4 outputs pins.

TDA7388 IC pinout
TDA7388 IC pinout


2 P-GND2
3 OUT2-
5 OUT2+
7 OUT1-
8 P-GND1
9 OUT1+
10 SVR
11 IN1
12 IN2
13 S-GND
14 IN4
15 IN3
17 OUT3+
18 P-GND3
19 OUT3-
20 VCC
21 OUT4+
23 OUT4-
24 P-GND4
25 HSD



  • distortion is low
  • it produces 4x41w at 4-ohm load
  • output noise is low
  • this circuit has needed only a few components

Tda7388 amplifier circuit diagram

tda7388 amplifier circuit diagram
tda7388 amplifier circuit diagram


The tda7388 IC will produce 4 outputs, these outputs are already bridged inside the tda7388 IC.

This IC works on a single power supply, tda7388 IC required a power supply of 18 v. so you can use a 12 v transformer on this circuit.

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