TDA7388 datasheet

In this post we are going to explain the TDA7388 datasheet, the TDA7388 is a class AB amplifier IC that has 4 outputs, the main applications of this amplifier ICs are in high-end audio amplifiers.

The TDA7388 datasheet explanation includes information’s about all important characteristics shown by this amplification component, very simple form of the tda7388 datasheet details will help you to design an amplifier circuit, and also we can make a brief overview of the TDA7388 amplifier IC.

TDA7388 pinout

TDA7388 IC pinout
TDA7388 IC pinout


Pin01 – TAB – Connect to GND

Pin02 – P-GND2 – Power GND of channel2

Pin03 – Out2 (-) – Inverting output of channel2

Pin04 – ST-BY – Standby

Pin05 – Out2 (+) – Non-inverting output of channel2

Pin06 – Vcc – Supply voltage

Pin07 – Out1 (-) – Inverting output of channel 1

Pin08 – P-GND1 – Power GND of channel 1

Pin09 – Out 1 (+) – Non-inverting output of channel 1

Pin10 – SVR – Supply voltage rejection

Pin11 – IN 1 – Input of channel 1

Pin12 – IN2 – Input of channel 2

Pin13 – S-GND – Signal GND

Pin14 – IN4 – Input of channel4

Pin15 – IN3 – Input of channel3

Pin16 – AC-GND – AC GND

Pin17 – Out3 (+) – Non-inverting output of channel 3

Pin18 – P-GND3 – Power GND of channel 3

Pin19 – Out3 (-) – Inverting output of channel 3

Pin20 – Vcc – Supply voltage

Pin21 – Out4 (+) – Non-inverting output of channel 4

Pin22 – MUTE – Mute

Pin23 – Out4 (-) – Inverting output of channel 4

Pin24 – P-GND4 – Power GND of channel 4

Pin25 – HSD – No connection

Package of TDA7388

Flex watt 25 is the package of TDA7388 amplifier IC


Operating supply voltage (Vs) = 18v

DC supply voltage (Vs) DC = 28v

Peak supply voltage = 50v

Output peak current repetitive = 4.5A

Power dissipation = 80w

Junction temperature = 150˚C

Storage temperature = -55 to 150˚C

Thermal resistance junction to case = 1 C˚/W

Quiescent current = 120 to 350mA

Voltage gain = 25 to 27dB

Distortion = Po= 4w – 0.15%

Output noise = 100uV

Input impedance = 70KΩ

Standby current consumption = 20Ua


Output power of TDA7388

  • 4x 45 W/ 4Ω max
  • 4x 26 W/ 4Ω @ 14.4v, 1KHz, 10% distortion

TDA7388 Equivalent

The amplifier ICs for TDA7388 is TDA7851 and PA2030A


TDA7388 amplifier circuit

tda7388 amplifier circuit
tda7388 amplifier circuit

The circuit shows the amplifier circuit using TDA7388 IC, this circuit is from the TDA7388 datasheet, and we can see 4 output speakers this is the main specialty of this particular amplifier IC.

Other than these TDA7388 amplifier IC have very low distortion and low output noise with standby and mute function inbuilt at the amplifier component.

TDA7388 Power supply

The operating voltage of the TDA7388 amplifier IC is 18v, for this type of amplifier ICs, SMPS power supplies are recommended.

An 18VDC SMPS power supply with 5A current rating.


TDA7388 protection systems

  • Output short circuit to GND, to Vs across the load
  • Very inductive loads
  • Overrating chip temperature with thermal limiter
  • Load dump voltage
  • Fortuitous open GND
  • Reversal battery
  • ESD

Advantage of TDA7388

  • Low distortion
  • Low output noise
  • Auto-mute function
  • Low external components
  • Fixed internally gain (26dB)
  • Supply voltage detection


Applications of TDA7388

  • High-end amplifier sets
  • High-end car radio

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