what are the advantages and disadvantages of digital communication

Advantages and disadvantages digital communication
Advantages and disadvantages digital communication

Digital communication is a method of communication used to send information from one electronic system to other. Two types of communications are available in electronics, analog communication, and digital communication.

Analog communication: Analog communication is the communication method that utilizes analog signal to communicate between transmitter and receiver, analog communication use continuous signal which varies the current values, the amplitude of the signal, video, audio, or phase.

Digital communication: Digital communication is a communication method that utilizes digital signals to communicate between two electronic systems, digital communication is based on binary numbers 0s and 1s, using digital communication over analog communication is very effective because digital communication has many advantages such as less noise signal, easy communication technique, etc…

Advantages of digital communications

Digital communication has many advantages and disadvantages in terms of its methodology and communication standards.

  • The effect of distortion, noise, and any other interference is less effective on digital communication signals.
  • Digital circuits are more reliable
  • Digital circuits are easier to design and cheaper than analog circuits.
  • The hardware implementation on digital systems is more flexible than analog systems.
  • The interference that happened on digital communication is very rare.
  • Signal processing function such as encryption and compression in a digital circuit is better than analog.
  • We have to implement detection systems to detect errors, they correct the codes on the digital communication system.
  • We can use systems to avoid signal jamming.
  • Useful at satellite communication systems.
  • Digital communication has been used in military applications.
  • The saving and retrieving of data are easier at digital communications.
  • We can use common encoding techniques used for different purposes with a single device.
  • We can transmit or receive any type of data such as audio, video, or other data by using a common channel.

Explain the main advantages of digital communications

Less noise

The effect of distortion, noise, and other interference is less effective on digital communications.

Less interference is the main advantage of digital communications, this is because of the usage of binary, and we can easily remove or decode the whole signal using fewer circuit arrangements.

Less complex design

Digital communication networks are easier to design and cheaper than analog systems.

More flexible on hardware implementation

Implementation of hardware on the digital communication system is easier, because of the flexibility of the whole system.

We can easily implement hardware with a simple plugin, so an easier action is needed to have an implementation.

Encryption and compress is better

Communication signal functions such as encryption and compression are good at digital communication, this is due to the digital signal being easy to code with the system, and at the system, strong encryption is needed for the safety, and compression of data is an easy process.

Error detection system

At digital communication systems, error detection systems are available to detect and correct the errors on the code.

Multi-purpose systems 

We can use an encoding technique for multiple purposes of function on a digital system itself.

Disadvantages of digital communications

  • High power consumption at digital communication
  • At digital  communication sampling errors are present
  • It requires more transmission bandwidth, it is due to the higher data because of analog to digital conversion.
  • Analog to digital conversion must be at a high rate.
  • Harder to fix the problem on a digital system.

Explain the disadvantage of digital communications

When we compare disadvantages over advantages of digital communication, the disadvantages of digital are lesser.

High power consumption 

Power consumption on digital communication is higher, this is because the digital components consume higher power.

Transmission bandwidth 

Digital communication needs more transmission bandwidth, this is due to the conversion of a large amount of signal to digital.

Hard to fix

In a digital communication system circuit, it is much harder to fix a problem on the board, this is because of the complexity of the circuit arrangement.

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